ViruShield Debuts Revolutionary New Ghost Respiratory Shield on Modern Living With Kathy Ireland

PLACERVILLE, Calif., Aug. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ViruShield, Inc. debuted their new respiratory shield, the ViruShield Ghost on Modern Living with Kathy Ireland.

The Ghost is a transparent, strapless respiratory shield that allows people to see each other’s faces and reconnect, while still managing the spread of respiratory droplets – the primary transmission vector of COVID-19. 

Jonathan Martin, Operations Consultant at ViruShield, explains, “What makes the Ghost so different from traditional face masks on the market is that it is made from non-permeable, transparent material that controls the spread of respiratory droplets when the wearer exhales.” 

The Ghost adheres to your nose with a medical-grade adhesive providing secure protection and reducing the pain and stress on the user’s ears from traditional fabric masks with elastic ear loops. When the adhesive is used up, simply recycle the mask and grab a fresh one from the three-pack.

The California based company is inventing and manufacturing personal protection enhancements, for a safer global community. In the interview with Kathy Ireland, Rose Tafoya, Director of Marketing states, “The Ghost is designed for those people who have trouble breathing through fabric masks and those who need to make facial connections to feel safe in their surroundings.”

Speaking about the audience for the ViruShield Ghost, Martin says, “We know there are large communities of people who face serious challenges as they go about their daily lives wearing a traditional face mask. These communities include frontline workers, transportation workers, individuals with known respiratory issues,  teachers, students, and much more!

We didn’t just design The Ghost to be a revolutionary alternative to traditional masks, we designed it to improve the lives of individuals in these communities in very specific ways. Now they can feel comfortable and feel safe while maintaining a sense of connection and community with those around them. Imagine, going to the pharmacy or bank and seeing someone smile again!” 

ViruShield believes the product to be particularly valuable to those in the deaf community, Tafoya continues, “The Ghost is ideal for lip-reading, and all types of non-verbal communication. Best of all, there are no painful straps, it is gentle on your face, lightweight, and gives us all the ability to keep the human connection alive.”

The Ghost respiratory shield is available now from ViruShield, $19.99 for a 3-Pack of shields.

Wholesale options are also available, reach out to ViruShield directly.

ViruShield’s design team has over 150 existing patents in medical device industries and will continue designing and engineering the best in medical devices for widespread use.

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