VengeCycle | Protect your bike

VengeCycle | Protect your bike

Our iOS and Android apps allow you to define and lock your bicycle’s location. If

Our iOS and Android apps allow you to define and lock your bicycle’s location. If your bicycle moves outside of a 50m radius, VengeCycle will automatically detonate, unless you remove the location lock on your phone.

Your safety is our foremost concern, and that’s why we use only the most stable commercially available explosives. We will also provide you with a waterproof warning decal to alert would-be thieves and unsuspecting civilians that your bike is protected by VengeCycle.

Every unit ships with secure caps that are cemented to the inside of your handlebars to prevent anyone from removing VengeCycle from your bike without your authorization. Only holders of our seven-pointed star key can remove the cap.

Everything you need to know about VengeCycle.

Length 5.5 inches
Diameter 1.25 inches
Weight 6.07 ounces (172 grams)
Power 0.484 megajoules (equivalent to 115.6 g of TNT)
Battery Built-in rechargeable lithium‑ion battery. Charging via USB to computer system or power adapter.
Battery Life 8 days
Connection Bluetooth Low Energy. Connects automatically at 5m.
Supported Platforms iOS & Android

Is VengeCycle legal?

VengeCycle is not legal in every state. If you are planning on purchasing VengeCycle, make sure to check that unlicensed use of explosives is legal in your state beforehand.

Is VengeCycle lethal?

No. We have worked very hard to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the use and activation of VengeCycle, including bicycle thieves. Damage is generally limited to the hands and is not considered lethal.

What if I forget to unlock my bike?

Your VengeCycle units will emit a warning beep as your bike approaches the limits of its 50m lock radius so you can unlock it and continue safely on your way. Thieves will obviously not be able to unlock your bicycle’s location, unless they also have your smartphone.

Will VengeCycle replace my conventional bike lock?

We recommend you continue using a conventional lock with VengeCycle. VengeCycle will not prevent bicycle thieves from taking your bicycle, it will only prevent them from getting too far with it and you will have to purchase a new handlebar.

My bicycle has a curved handlebar. Will VengeCycle fit it?

We have run production tests on major bicycle brands and models to ensure that VengeCycle units fit the vast majority of them. You should be able to find a VengeCycle model to fit your bicycle regardless of handlebar type.

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