Unleashing Sustainable Transportation with a family legacy

Unleashing Sustainable Transportation with a family legacy

We have brought back our historical motorcycle brand with a modern design and revolutionized the

We have brought back our historical motorcycle brand with a modern design and revolutionized the EV sector with the finest #madeinItaly motorcycles with our first three V1 Giaguaro models.

We have crafted our products with the finest European materials and packed it with the latest technology. Staying true to our Italian heritage we have always taken to heart when designing and styling our product on what being made in Italy stands for, which is high quality, innovative, bespoke, with superior craftsmanship. We started with the heart of the bike which is the engine. We created our signature high performance Soriano duo flex engine. It is like nothing that anyone has ever seen or felt before. All is handcrafted by the most skilled renown engineers and manufacturing team; we pride ourselves into bringing our customers the highest quality product on the market. 

Our Performance

Our drive to achieve perfection can be reflected in the way we build it all. With our signature patented Soriano duo flex engine, riders will be able to feel the superior power of our signature engine. First time EVs feel like traditional motorcycles powered, with our three gear selections so one would be able to feel the raw power of our engine with each gear change. Soriano’s bikes have been designed to perform at the highest level. Whether you are on the track racing, or riding it in the city, we can ensure you to have the best ride quality.

Environmentally Friendly

Our Giaguaro models not only do you get the highest quality, but also save the environment all while enjoying the performance of our motorcycles. The attention to EV two-wheeled is rapidly increasing as crude oil will reach its peak by 2030, and we can reduce carbon footprints.

With our EVs we promise the same feeling of riding a high-performance motorcycle all while being environmentally friendly. The future goal of Soriano Motori is to continue to be fully renewable and fully sustainable. Think of the reasons why electricity is changing the car industry and multiply them by a factor of 10x. Electricity brings the final step to motorcycle’s evolution; it makes it possible to construct a perfect near perpetual zero-emissions motorcycle machine.

We have sold 30% of our limited-edition models and are currently available for pre-order.

Learn more at www.sorianomotori.eu

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