Transportation Master Plan

Transportation Master Plan

  On Sept. 17, 2019, the Boulder City Council approved the 2019 Transportation Master Plan


On Sept. 17, 2019, the Boulder City Council approved the 2019 Transportation Master Plan (TMP). The 2019 TMP is the guiding policy document for the city of Boulder’s transportation system and has been significantly revised and reorganized around ten key initiatives. These initiatives represent the work areas that are key to meeting our sustainability, transportation and greenhouse gas reduction targets by 2030.

View the 2019 TMP and appendices:

The TMP is the guiding policy document for the city of Boulder’s transportation system. Some of the key topics addressed by the TMP include  Complete Streets ,  Regional Travel ,  Transportation Demand Management , and  Funding . 

Additionally, all existing and planned transportation routes and crossings are recorded at Map It: Boulder’s Transportation System.

The 2019 TMP assesses how far the community has come in meeting its mobility and sustainability goals since the last version of the TMP was released in 2014 and establishes transportation policy and investment priorities for the future.


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2019 Update Events and Community Engagement Summaries

Connecting People and Places: Transportation Master Plan Launch

Transportation Master Plan    

On Wednesday, March 21, 2018, the c­ity launch­ed a communi­ty dr­iven update to Boulder’ s Transportati­on Master Plan (TMP) at the Millennium Harvest House. The event included an interactive open house with information boards pdf and featur­ed nat­ional visionaries on sustai­nable transportation, regional mobi­l­ity and emergi­ng technolog­ies. The panel discussion was recorded for those who weren’t able to attend.

Panel speaker bios are provided below, followed by the time in the video to view each speaker’ s presentation:

Jeremy Klop , Director of Strategy at Fehr & Peers, led LA citywide Mobility Plan 2035 – 20 mins 00  Jeremy’ s Slides pdf

Jeffrey Tumlin , principal and director of strategy at NelsonNygaard Consulting Associates, author of Sustainable Transportation: Tools for Creating Healthy, Vibrant and Resilient Communities – 45 mins 45  Jeffrey’ s Slides pdf

Kevin J. Krizek , Professor of Environmental Design and Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder, Fulbright Scholar and researcher on cycling, co-author of The End of Traffic and the Future of Access: A Roadmap to the New Transport Landscape – 1:09 hour  Kevin’ s Slides pdf

Francie Stefan , Mobility Manager for the City of Santa Monica, leads the citywide Strategic Goal to Create a New Model of Mobility 1:30 hour  Francie’ s Slides pdf

View all speaker presentations as a single  PDF pdf (large file).

Advanced Mobility Forum

On Oct. 18, 2017, the City of Boulder and the Boulder Chamber  sponsored an open house and panel discussion featuring discussions with national practitioners and researchers on the cutting edge of new transportation technologies. This is just the start of the conversation about how advanced mobility will continue to impact how we move around – and how we plan for the future – in Boulder and the region.  Be sure to  check out the video!

Transportation Master Plans Open House + Panel Discussion

On Thursday, March 21, the City of Boulder, Boulder County and CU Boulder hosted a joint open house and panel discussion about the future of transportation in our region. Watch a recording of the panel below or view the project boards from the open house.

Summary of Community Engagement pdf for the period of October 2017 – August 2019.

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