Transportation Concepts

Transportation Concepts

Transportation Concepts is committed to providing the highest level of service to meet your transportation

Transportation Concepts
is committed to providing the highest level of service
to meet your transportation needs.  Servicing a
number of companies and communities, we look forward
to solving your transportation issues in a timely
and cost-effective manner.

Transportation Concepts
is the
public transportation division of Parking Concepts, a California
Corporation, with corporate offices in Irvine, California.  Gill
Barnett, President and owner of Parking Concepts, founded the
company in 1974 in order to provide an enhanced level of
customer service to an industry that had been sorely lacking in
customer service. Today, Parking Concepts is one of the most
successful and respected parking facility operators in the
United States.

Transportation Concepts
is a
company that has built a culture around a “total commitment”
philosophy. This ability is the result of the family like
environment provided to the employees of Transportation
Concepts.  We pride ourselves on a solid support structure and
the commitment we make to our employees and customers.  This
commitment is apparent in our performance. We are the ONLY
Company of this size with this level of experience in the market
place.  Transportation Concepts is very selective in the
opportunities that we pursue as it is imperative that we are
able to effectively manage our business and maintain focus. 

In 1982, Parking Concepts
awarded a shuttle bus contract at the Ontario International
Airport.  It was at that time that Transportation Concepts was
formed. To this day Parking Concepts (Transportation Concepts)
has continuously operated shuttle bus service at the Ontario
International Airport, either for the Airport or for Sunrise

In 1999, Transportation Concepts

began establishing itself as a company that “does what it
says”.  Many outstanding managers joined the TC team.  These
individuals had been waiting for a private transportation firm
that took care of their clients, customers and employees in a
consistent manner. 

Throughout the past 24 years,
Transportation Concepts
has built its’ own
outstanding reputation as a customer centered, quality provider
of contracted transportation services.  A foundation of the
company’s success is a dedication to the goal to consistently
meet and exceed clients’ expectations.

 Transportation Concepts is a division

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