The Vehicle-Duty Calculator

The Vehicle-Duty Calculator

VEHICLE IMPORT DUTYtaxes & levies calculatorAccurate Easy Effective FX RATESUSD 5.5083  |  EU 6.0264 17,247 … showing Successful vehicle-import

taxes & levies calculatorAccurate Easy Effective

FX RATESUSD 5.5083  |  EU 6.0264

The Vehicle-Duty Calculator


… showing Successful vehicle-import duty calculations
from live users around the world.

Welcome to Automasters

It’s your one-stop solution for vehicle import valuation in Ghana. For so long a time, Ghanaians living both home and abroad have been faced with the difficulty of knowing the exact import duties on their vehicles. This sometimes results in financial difficulties of all kinds. Automasters was set-up to help avoid these problems.

Our mission is to empower automotive importers in Ghana and overseas with a fast, convenient and accurate duty and taxes calculator that works for any imported vehicle into Ghana. This will help importers and exporters to make a smart, well-informed vehicle purchasing decision and avoid unbudgeted taxes and duties, and in some cases, complete seizure of their vehicle(s).

A Flexible System

Because the system is web-based your duty and taxes report can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Just log-in from your favourite browser and compute the duty and taxes on your chosen vehicle in the comfort of your home, office or internet cafe. The system is fast and user friendly.

Your comments and feedbacks are always welcome to help us improve the system to serve you better. Don’t wait, reach us by e-mail via [email protected] or call us through any of our customer service lines found at the top section of this page. We will be glad to hear from you.

This system was developed with the exact home delivery values (MSRP) used by Ghana Customs in their valuations. All the parameters that determine the classification and formulae have a 99.9% accuracy rate.

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