The Steam Car Club

The Steam Car Club

    The Steam Car ClubThe Club was formed in recognition of the ever increasing


The Steam Car Club
The Club was formed in recognition of the ever increasing interest in steam cars and the need for a standalone club dedicated to that need. It has since grown into the largest and most respected Club in Europe and possibly the World, it has produced for many years the best known magazine in the World THE STEAM CAR which is now in full colour!

The membership spans many countries including Australia, New Zealand, America and Europe. Membership is open to all. You don’t need to own a steam car, and whether you have an old or modern car or a steam bike; it’s your interest and knowledge that is valuable.

The Steam Car ClubAGM UPDATE.
Until such times as the government allow things to get back to normal, the clubs planned AGM is to be put on hold and both the Cotswolds and Montgomeryshire tours are postponed until next year. During this limited contact period please keep in touch with fellow club members as much as possible, we will all appreciate a phone call, an email or a post on the clubs forum. Let’s hope we can get back to steaming on the roads and sharing our cars with others as soon as possible.
Harold Bell – chairman
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The club through its web page, forum and links page (with hits of over 30 million to date) has developed a method to help all Steam Car users, covering maintenance, restoration and the general running and advice including encouraging the regular examination of the boiler pressure system. Advice and support for anyone interested is always available. JOINING The Steam Club of Great Britain is the best route for enthusiasts specifically showing an interest in steam cars. Another important activity of the club was the building of its ever increasing historic archive, and pattern register thus aiding people with technical support for all cars in preservation. The archive has been built up over many years with the help of the Science Museum and Stanley Museum as well as Auburn Heights in America and many other organisations and people to which we are grateful. Preserving our heritage with steam on the road is essential.

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