The Bicycle Hotel & Casino – Temp. CLOSED – 564 Photos & 330 Reviews – Casinos – 888 Bicycle Casino Dr, Bell Gardens, CA – Phone Number

The Bicycle Hotel & Casino – Temp. CLOSED – 564 Photos & 330 Reviews – Casinos – 888 Bicycle Casino Dr, Bell Gardens, CA – Phone Number

330 888 Bicycle Casino DrBell Gardens, CA 90201 (562) 806-4646 I was very pleased with


888 Bicycle Casino Dr
Bell Gardens, CA 90201

(562) 806-4646

I was very pleased with my check in process. I was involved in a car accident on New Years. The front desk let me check into my prepaid room even though it was past the checkin time. Which put my stressed out mind at ease. After suffering whiplash I enjoyed the room which was very Comfortable. Huge shower with great temperature and water pressure. Awesome staff

This “casino” (really what they call a card club in California) is way out in the middle of nowhere. The venue itself has card tables and a couple of fast fare type of dining places and a Starbucks. There isn’t any fine dining here or anywhere in the surrounding neighborhood.

The suites are decent and large but the star is clearly the bathroom although their designers and architects didn’t understand women need an electrical outlet at the vanity to do your hair instead of standing at the his and hers sinks. There’s a tv that swivels around if you’re in the room long enough to turn it on.

The walls are thin and you may get someone banging on your wall. I laughed but i suppose if you’re gambling until the wee hours, noise at noon might not be appreciated.

Room service is quick but meh. The selection is very limited. They do have an impossible burger and they do have a steak for those who eat that plus some other interesting sounding things. Many were not available when we were there. The ahi poke is not up to par and is tiny on a large bed of rice. It’s 80% rice and little fish. The fries are good. I hear the sliders were yummy but I don’t eat meat so I couldn’t confirm.

Service checking in and out was nice and the bartenders at the bar were very kind. All in all, a good experience but pro tip- uber further away to eat and don’t stay at the tables too long. There was a funny fight and we witnessed police escort someone out passing counterfeit money. A drink and a show!

I really enjoyed my stay here. Words I wanted to say if only a few items were addressed.
While check in process was easy, I noticed that the room was prepared for only one traveller. Towels were of course readily available, but if you go into the closet, you see one robe and one pair of disposable slippers. I’d personally expect sets of two for a room booked for two people.

Some of their towels/sheets had some old blood stains on it. Well you could be thinking that we could have had a cut somewhere and gotten it there first. But the sheet stain was at the edge of the bed that we couldn’t possibly reach since it was at the foot of the bed. The towel stain appeared when grabbing a fresh one post shower, so it wasn’t even used yet. I told the front desk when we checked out so hope the condition improves? The bed overall was pretty comfortable and warm. If it weren’t for the stains I could see myself sleeping in this bed everyday.

The bathroom has a nice modern feel. There’s even a waterfall shower head duo you can use. The seat looked to be not as clean since there was visible grime.

Their valet parking seems very unorganized. We sat in the car for a really long time and no one came to assist us. I ended up going inside to ask the front desk what to do and went back to flag someone who worked there to help me out since self park was completely full.

I was unhappy because the thermostat in the room only goes down to 67 degrees. I like to sleep colder than that. I spoke to the manager and they basically said we are really sorry but they won’t lower the thermostat. Then in the morning I went to order room service and after being on hold forever I was told they don’t start room service until 9am. WTF? Also, the hottest the shower water would get was luke warm.

Eden is great, I highly recommend her! its always a magical experience. Loved the staff, the facilities and the overall service.
Its not just a massage , it’s a whole experience. You’re able to use the pool area, gym and steam room before or after your massage.
The steam room is absolutely the best. You leave feeling relaxed and with amazing glowing skin.

Was a very nice hotel, sort of small though. Only has card tables to gamble. The room was great though, comfortable beds, nice bathroom, great view of LA. Shower didn’t get so hot but dealt with it. The hotel staff at front was beer friendly and answered a couple questions I had, and then checking out was basic, didn’t ask how my stay was but just said I’m good to go. Overall 3/5. Would I stay here again, I don’t think so.

First time here not too long ago. First impression was WOW, that’s fancy! Haha. And that’s coming from a Vegas local. The entrance really makes a statement and definitely catches your attention. Its almost impossible to look at anything else as you’re driving by.

Cool bar/restaurant as you walk in, which doubles as a mini dance floor that plays salsa later in the evening. Good thing I came prepared and wore a cute dress that night. Ended up spending a good amount of time there catching up with an old friend. Good drinks and friendly servers = good vibes. We literally didn’t want to leave but we decided it was time to check out the room.

Quite impressed with the suites and they were surprisingly spacious. As are the bathrooms. You could literally have a party in the shower with room to spare (but I won’t go into that) lol. The bed was so comfortable with the fluffiest pillows. I have a thing for big fluffy pillows. Best sleep I had in a long time.

Room service was relatively fast and breakfast looked amazing. If I didn’t overindulge the night before I might’ve been able to sample some lol. Eh, there’s always next time. I didn’t have time to check out any other restaurants but there’s a much needed Starbucks to save the day. Overall, cool place to hang out with friends. It’s no Vegas but it’ll do in between visits. ; )

This review is based off the Hotel, Casino, the bike brewery, and the overall experience. First off I want to say that I really believe this Hotel and Casino have the potential to be five star worthy however for my first time staying here I had a few issues that made me bring my overall rating of the hotel/casino etc to a 3 star rating. First off when you get to the Hotel there is parking for hotel guests, however the parking is very small and not organized. First security told us to park in a certain area then the valet would tell us we would have to move to another area or spot so that was very frustrating, especially after long day or a long drive. We booked the hotel through and we were not notified about a security deposit fee during our stay. I know hotels usually do charge security deposit fees however we did not receive any information about us having to pay a $250 dollar security deposit fee so that caught us off guard. The next problem I had was with our first impressions with the staff. The front desk gives a huge impression on how your stay at a hotel will be and unfortunately the front desks customer service was not to where it needs to be especially for a hotel that you are paying up to 300-1000 a night for a room. Also, Because of the security deposit fee I did not know about I had to go transfer money first at my bank so during that time they did take my luggage from me and I had thought they were going to bring it up to our room. When I got back I found out that they just left my luggage in a closet by the front desk so that was very disappointing. Now our room was very spacious and nice we got the classic suite but the price of our room when you book directly through the bike website is almost $400 dollars a night and I truly do not believe that room is worth $400 dollars a night. We saved a good amount of money booking through but still paid about $260 a night which I still thought was a bit on the high side. Some things that surprised me about the hotel is first off there is no jacuzzi pool side or in the hotel so that was a shocker. Then what got to me the most and really frustrated me is that the hotel and it’s rooms do not have MICROWAVES. I was shocked when the front desk told me that there were no microwaves at all for guests to use in the hotel. I was like how can there be no microwaves in a hotel!! Let’s talk about the best customer service we received from the hotel employees. The best customer service we received was from the housekeepers. They cleaned are rooms daily and gave great customer service. Big shoutout the housekeepers they have the hardest job in the hotel and we’re still able to provide us with the best customer. service. Loved our housekeeper that cleaned are room Next up let’s talk about the restaurant The Bike Brewery. The food was pretty good however they stop serving the regular menu at 11PM and from 11PM till they close you can only order from a smaller menu so that was a bit disappointing. Although It was pretty cool that they were raffling off free Laker jerseys at the restaurant so that was nice! If I were to just rate the brewery it would be a solid 4 stars! Now next up the casino !! I came to play and there poker room is amazing and very nice! Love the Live at the Bike rooms I’m a big fan of live at the bike and watch their streams whenever they are on so it was great seeing the actual rooms and players. The only major problem I had with the casino is that they don’t take your phone number down so you literally have to wait till your initials are called so on a busy Friday night it is very unorganized and you have to wait over a couple hours to get a table. So there would be a lot of arguments when players would be called to certain tables and it turns out it was not their turn to go to it or a player being called and not hearing is initials getting called and then arguing with the staff about it. However the casino does offer some great things such as players cards which will give you points and free money you can cash out and also jackpockts and high hand payouts! Wish there high hand pay out was daily! Casino and hotel have a Starbucks inside of it so that is just a huge plus! Especially when you can get Starbucks to your table while playing so that is pretty amazing ! Casino itself I would give a solid 4 stars. All in all I want to give a bike another chance because I truly believe they could easily be a five star experience! I’ll be back soon and hope to give a better rating.

This place used to be good. Something is wrong with the food, I have this stomach ache after. I had a tingling sensation in my mouth after I ate here. Becareful

I enjoyed the stay here plenty of negative reviews that Really didn’t justify what I experienced. The staff were professional and friendly, my 7th floor king suite was clean and spacious. The restaurant made a few mistakes with my food but the manger made things right. I would comeback here and definitely recommend

My compliments to the chef and staff.

Not only do they have great customer service, they also have a great food located at the restaurant below the hotel. I’ve been there twice and the consistency of the flavors is on point. Definitely worth the wait if you appreciate food & like your food made properly. Would definitely reccomend and will be going again whenever im in the area.

To the best of my knowledge and memory (haha) I’ve had;
Cowboy steak
Ribeye steak
A garlic lemon shrimp pasta
Pasta stuff mushroom

Tuna bowl
Cocnut shrimp
A medly which had calamary, wings, cheese sticks,and coconut shrimp
Egg rolls

Etc… ( I don’t recall the exact names, however I’ll edit post when I do.)

I’ve also stayed at the hotel everything is brand new and clean. They also have nice facilities for recreational use. Unfortunately I currently don,t have pictures to share for the hotel, but ill post when I do.

I absolutely love this hotel this is my choice when traveling to southern California it’s close to all amusement parks and shopping and all attractions. The staff are all friendly and welcoming the rooms are phenomenal they are clean and the beds are super comfortable. They have a spa which I have not tried yet but will on my next visit they have a gym a starbucks and restaurant with really delicious food and a really cool brewery and bar I love the vibe and music here. Lots of gambling choices as well. I will always stay here from now on as the rates are reasonable and well worth it

I visited the spa to get a facial, and I extremely was disappointed. The spa doesn’t have a jacuzz. In addition to that, champagne and wine are not allowed in the spa, not even a glass in the waiting area. They have a tub where you can take a bubble bath, but why would you want to take a bubble bath without a glass of wine? Also, the shower and sauna are tiny. The pool is not heated, and if you want to order a drink you have to go down stairs and bring it up yourself. The place is pretty, but there is a lot of room for improvement, there is nothing to do at the spa. I personally don’t recommend it, and don’t plan to visit any time soon.

Great service by Claudia serene and jose… best drinks. We always order the appetizers and request specialty drinks from our favorite mixologist Claudia. Depending on what mood you are and how you are feeling, Claudia will prepare a special delight for you.

I highly recommend this place for brunch, and they also have NFL on the screen’s to watch on Sundays

This place is awesome good times. The food is amazing service is excellent. The building is new and fresh.

Sedate an elegant atmosphere. The first thing I noticed when I came in was how quiet the entire casino floor was. Huge departure from the Indian casinos I am used to up north with the constant circus-like cacophony generated by the slot machines. The dealers were kind and patiently explained the rules to me, a novice player.
The entire facility was clean including the bathrooms and no I didn’t taste the food it smelled delicious. I found the dollar per hand fee a little unusual, but figured it was the cost of playing the game. In all, it was a pleasant experience.

We stayed her because we had a family event in the area. Check in was no problem. The rooms were nice and clean. The service at the Starbucks was polite and quick. We took a walk through the casino, did not play though. We are from Vegas so seeing a casino with only tables was new for us.
Staff was very nice and helpful. I forgot my toothbrush so I went to purchase one in the gift shop. The guy working remembered me checking in and said “you are a hotel guest, we have a complimentary toothbrush, if you like.”
Valet was quick and friendly, no matter what time we came or left.
Security had a strong presence, which made us feel safe.

So I was at one of the tables kissing my boyfriend. I am a gay male… when I was approached by one of the managers in gray. He told me I wasn’t able to do so. I asked why and he walked away. This is the second time, I will NEVER come back here. He was rude and wouldn’t respond back to me. I have been here many times and this is a first. They have most my loyalty. I will never come back.

Taco Tuesday is bomb! Everyone is always very attentive, they always make you feel welcomed. But FRANCO is just amazing, as busy as he always is he still brings his A game to this place! Franco your customer service is up the roof, this is why Im here every tuesday.

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