Hello, My Name Is Denise Hollis And I am Currently Sitting At A Evacuation Shelter

Hello, My Name Is Denise Hollis And I am Currently Sitting At A Evacuation Shelter In Clearwater, Florida With My 100 % Service Connected Disabled Veteran Husband David Hollis.

Just Got Done Interviewing With The Red Cross. They Took Lots Of Pictures Of Us And Wrote Down Our Long Story About Why We Have Been Enduring Homelessness For Almost 2 Years. They Were Very Compassionate.


We Are Here Because We Had To Evacuate Our Hotel Because It Was In Zone B. They Are Closing The Hotel Because Of Hurricane IAN Mandatory Evacuation. Enough Is Enough!!! GOD I WANT A HOME!!!

We Need Some Caring Helping Hands PLeeaasseee We Don’t Have A Vehicle Or A Permanent Home. If We Had The Funds We Would Have Rented A Vehicle And Evacuated Out Of The City Of Clearwater, Florida.

This Is A Very Humbling Experience And Grateful For The Evacuation Shelter And Red Cross.

90% Of The People Here Are Enduring Homelessness. They Need A Lot Of Help! My Passion Is #EndHomelessness. I Contacted The Mayor And Governor About This Humanitarian Crisis Through Social Media. They Need Do Something About It. Florida Is The 3rd Worst State For Homelessness.

I Would Be Extremely Grateful For Any Donation To This Fundraiser. Thank You And God Bless!!!


November 14, 2022


This Fundraiser Is A Month Old And Raised $70. I am Not Doing Something Right.

I Wanted To Start A New Fundraiser But Husband Said To Just Edit This One.

So Changed Title And Picture Today.

We Are Currently In Indiana At A Hotel. Check Out Is At Noon. Our Plan Is To Try To Get To Green Bay, Wisconsin Today.

My Husband Is A 100% Service Connected Homeless Veteran. There is 38,000 HOMELESS VETERANS IN This Is A #VeteranHomelessEpidemic And Needs Community Help. FOX Is doing a great job. They have partnered with the NFL and USAA. Also partnered with U.S.VETS a nonprofit National Veteran Organization.

I have been using my god given gift to try to get them to sponsor #HelpVetDavidHollis. I post/tweet on all my social media platforms.

All Money That Is Donated Will Go To A Great Cause.

Currently Need Help Paying For Hotel Room And Pay For Car Rental. We Are Running Out Of Money. Husbands Check Can Only Go So Far.

We Need Donations To Get Into Permanent Housing, Get A Vehicle, Get Our Belongings Out Of Storage, Get Our Daughters Back.

Our Belongings Have Been In Storage For Almost 5 years.

Our 2 Daughters Have Been Living With Grandparents For Over A Year.

Appreciate Any Help!!!

Thank You And God Bless

Mrs. Denise Hollis

November 17th 2022

Just Updated Picture And Name Title To #TeamHOLLIS A Veteran Family Campaign Much More Simple