Santa Barbara – Bicycle Master Plan

The community-driven Santa Barbara Bicycle Master Plan (also referred to as the SB BMP) outlines the goals, policies, and implementation strategies that will improve bicycle safety, convenience, facilities, and infrastructure in the City of Santa Barbara. The plan will also enhance and preserve Santa Barbara’s circulation system for all road users by increasing the number of trips taken by bicycle; reducing future traffic congestion levels and parking demand. The plan implements other General Plan goals and policies such as Healthy Communities and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction.

Chapter 1:

Provides an overview of the Bicycle Master Plan, explains the vision and goals of the project, lists relevant plans and policies, and presents factors that lay the foundation for the development of this Plan such as local context and the existing transportation network.
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Chapter 2:
Community Engagement

Provides an overview of the outreach completed for the 2016 Bicycle Master Plan, along with a description of the online platforms, surveys, and neighborhood summits. Brief summaries of findings are documented here. For a more extensive summary of all outreach findings, see the document Appendix.
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Chapter 3:
Goal 1. Safety for All Road Users

Provides policies and strategies to reduce collision rates and provide a comprehensive educational bicycle safety campaign. This goal was influenced directly by the community, which prioritized safety for all road users as the most important goal of the 2016 Bicycle Master Plan.
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Chapter 4:
Goal 2. Closing Gaps in the Network

Provides policies and strategies to close gaps in the existing bicycle network. The recommendations provided here define specific streets and corridors recommended for an expanded bicycle facility network.
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Chapter 5:
Goal 3. Complete Streets and Multimodal Access

Provides policies and strategies to encourage multi-modal transfers and connections. This chapter also outlines strategies to coordinate City efforts to enhance streets for all road users: pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit users.
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Chapter 6:
Goal 4. Santa Barbara Style Infrastructure

Provides policies and strategies to develop infrastructure based on best practices, with a careful eye towards the Santa Barbara context and design aesthetic.
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Chapter 7:
Recommended Bicycle Projects

Provides more-specific information on key bike projects that were introduced in Chapter 4. Preliminary design considerations for six recommended bike facilities are also introduced.
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Chapter 8:
Making it Happen: Financing and Implementation

Provides criteria for prioritizing and costing bicycle facilities recommended in this document. This chapter includes a cost-benefit analysis, and it also refers to regular funding programs that may be available for implementing bicycle facility projects.
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Appendix A:
Outreach & Media Strategy
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Appendix B:
Public Outreach Findings
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Appendix C:
Traffic Safety and Impact Assessment (Ceqa exemption)
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Appendix D:
General Plan Element Goals/Policies Consulted
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Appendix E:
Additional Background Documentation
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Appendix F:
Bicycle Collision Analysis
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