Public Health Update: COVID-19 Response

For latest information and updates on RVTD service and alerts please visit our RVTD Alerts page at www.rvtd.org/alerts

UPDATED: 3/23/2020

RVTD is w. . .

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COVID-19 Response: Frequently Asked Questions

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions section for answers, also visit our ‘Alerts’ page for the latest updates and information on RVTD service. www.rvtd.org/aler. . .

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Service Changes Effective Monday, April 6th

On Monday, April 6, 2020, RVTD will :

Suspend Route 1X Medford/Ashland Express 

Use the Route 10 for trips between Medford and Ashland

Sus. . .

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Telework Tips and Resources

Check out our Telework page, www.rvtd.org/telework for tips and resources to help you Telework more efficiently. Many Oregonians are teleworking in resp. . .

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