Police have responded to several vehicle burglaries in Sanford/Springvale over past 2 weeks

SANFORD, Maine — Over the past 2 weeks, officers from the Sanford Police Department have responded to several motor vehicle burglaries throughout Sanford/Springvale.

In a post on the department’s Facebook page, they said each incident had the same theme: vehicle doors were not locked. 

The department said motor vehicle burglaries are crimes of opportunity. The criminal will go car to car looking for unlocked doors and, when located, will take whatever is of value inside. 

The Sanford Police Department asks that people follow these simple guidelines to deter this crime from happening:

1. Lock your vehicles doors
2. Don’t store valuables in your vehicle
3. Conceal items such as chargers, GPS, electronics
4. Lock your vehicles doors

The Sanford Police Department has increased its patrols during the overnight hours in neighborhoods and side streets. 

Police ask that if you see anyone suspicious, please give them a call. Police encourage all Mainers to lock their vehicles to decrease the risk of a vehicle burglary. 

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