Paul Gilbert announces vehicle medley concert with 35 cover songs from Ozzy Osbourne, Rush, AC/DC and more

Paul Gilbert, best known as the co-founder of the band Mr. Big and a member of Racer X, has announced a new virtual concert scheduled to air live on October 3. The live-stream event will see the legendary musician performing 35 cover songs that have their themes centered around vehicles. As arbitrary as that may sound, wait until you see the epic list of artists Gilbert will be covering.

Gilbert will be rocking songs from the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Rush, AC/DC, Deep Purple, Elton John, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, David Bowie, Queen, Styx, Journey, Judas Priest, Saxon, ZZ Top, The Who, Allan Holdsworth, and many more, according to the StageIt official website.

Taking to his social media account during the early hours of September 30 to share the announcement, Gilbert wrote, “Crazy. Buts that’s how it goes. Hear me play music by Ozzy, Deep Purple, Rush, The Who, The Beatles, David Bowie, and many more!” alongside a pic of the rocker carrying his guitar to catch a train. You can view his post here.

According to a description by StageIt, “Paul will be playing guitar, singing, and stomping out the beat. Emi Gilbert will be rocking keyboards and harmony vocals.” The statement continued, “StageIt will allow the show to run longer than the listed 30 minutes, to make room for ripping guitar solos. Enjoy the show!”

StageIt is an online venue where artists perform live, interactive, monetized shows for their fans directly from a laptop, offering fans once-in-a-lifetime experiences as shows are never archived. The platform also allows both fans and artists to be part of the show, as in, fans are encouraged to ask the artist questions, request songs, and even chat with other fans during the show.

The vehicle medley concert isn’t the first by Gilbert to be centered around a particular theme. In June, Gilbert performed another 35 song medley of songs about animals much to the excitement of fans. In his Facebook announcement at the time fans shared their love for the concert with comments such as “The first show was sooo unexpectedly amazing. I knew the guitar was going to be great sure. Paul’s overall performance was excellent, EMI absolutely rocks, and non-stop 35 songs is a tour de force!! I loved every second of it” and “Thank you Gilberts! Last Sunday was great, I’m going to watch again. Thanks for considering our time zones too!”

Be sure not to miss Paul Gilbert’s special medley concert on Saturday. Tickets are available for purchase on StageIt here.

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