‘Not your typical used car lot’: Impressive performance vehicle showroom graces West Brighton

Where in the world can you find a Lamborghini, McLaren, M-Sport BMW, or rare Toyota Supra for sale?

Well, right here on Staten Island, of course.

Brooklyn Auto Sales, which relocated to S.I. in November after spending eight years in Midwood, is burning up the block with its new showroom — located at 161 Marion St. in West Brighton.

Despite their billing as a re-seller, though they also buy and trade, Brooklyn Auto isn’t your run of the mill auto dealer — and with Lamborghini Huracans, McLarens, and Nissan GTRs under the roof, it’s easy to see why.

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The showroom floor at Brooklyn Auto Sales features everything from Lamborghinis to rare Toyota Supras.

“We’re car enthusiasts, we like to cater to people with the same tastes as us,” said owner Adam Elaza, a Bensonhurst resident who grew up watching his father Will, a mechanic, work on cars.

Although the showroom is armed to the teeth with impressive and insane looking rides, don’t tell Elaza that his cars are “high end” or “luxury.”

These cars are souped-up PERFORMANCE models, the sort of vehicles Adam and his brother Michael, the company’s vice president, grew up gushing over.

“I wouldn’t call them ’high end’, these are more performance cars,” Elaza explained. “It was always my passion, I started selling cheaper, practical cars, and now I’m selling more of what I’m into…it started out as a hobby and turned into a career.”

The vehicles, which typically range in price from $30k to upwards of $300k, feature rare and unique color combinations, as well as other modifications.

“We’re a modern day auto boutique, not your typical car lot…it’s not something you normally see at a dealer,” said Elaza. “We stock up to 40 cars in house and go through them within 30 days, it’s a constant inventory flow, in and out.”

NWS Cars

The BMW M-line series is a specialty at Brooklyn Auto.

Because of his background, Elaza, 30, is better suited to deal with his clients, who typically range from ages 18 to 40, and come from states all over the country to purchase some of the rarest cars in the world.

In fact, he has recently shipped cars as far as Hawaii in the states and Israel abroad, as well as a Porsche 911, which he sent to Mexico.

“We don’t target anyone specific, our cars target the market,” noted Elaza.

In addition to the company website (brooklynautoonline.com), the brand’s Instagram page @Brooklyn_Auto_Sales has racked up more than 55k followers — resulting in thousands of comments and views, as well as hundreds of weekly messages and inquiries.

While the average lot typically panders to customers, Brooklyn Auto’s sales tactics are more cut and dry.

“We don’t do the bait and switch, there’s no runaround, no hidden fees,” says Elaza. “If we have what you like, chances are you’ll end up buying from us.”

In the coming years, Elaza anticipates expanding on the Island.

“It’s definitely the passion that’s driven us to the level of cars we deal with,” he explained. “Staten Island has been great for business, we like it here.”

Brooklyn Auto meets potential clients, with serious inquiries, on an appointment basis, which needs to be scheduled by phone: 718-825-4678.

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