Muscle Car Restorations, Inc. – Classic Car Restoration Specialists

Muscle Car Restorations, Inc. – Classic Car Restoration Specialists

Muscle Car Restorations, Inc. – Classic Car Restoration Specialists Disable Audio Quality A large majority

Muscle Car Restorations, Inc. – Classic Car Restoration Specialists

1969 Mustang Manticore

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  • A large majority of the ‘restored’ collector cars available for purchase were built specifically to be sold for a profit. Rarely are these cars done with the care, quality, or to the depth that they deserved. We have seen a number of ‘ground up’ restorations that have had to be completely re-restored in order to get them to the quality level the owner expected when they purchased the car. Low quality products and cutting corners to increase profit is why a lot of these cars have rather serious overall quality problems.
  • A restoration controlled by the owner allows quality to be determined not by how much the car will resale for but from those exact specifications from the owner himself. You control the quality start to finish and decide where to focus those labor hours and when to cut corners. We have found even our driver level restorations are at a quality level far and above many cars up for sale as ‘complete – ground up’ restorations.

Any Year, Make, Or Model

  • You may be hard pressed to find that exact year, make, or model of car you want already restored, especially one restored to the level you desire. If that car isn’t extremely rare the restoration may be even poorer than you might expect once you start to really look at it.

Cost & Value

  • A well documented restoration performed by a renowned shop will always hold more value than one that’s undocumented or completed by an unknown shop or individuals. The quality of products used, the skill of the restorer, the process documentation can all affect value.
  • The cost of a restoration is flexible depending on your specific goals and expectations for the completed restoration. We provide a large number of paths to fit every budget.
  • It is important to remember that it takes roughly the same amount of time to restore any car. We strongly believe that the true value of a car is relative to the owner and not to the market price.


  • If you are already enjoying a collector vehicle, but those years are starting to show. You may want to upgrade components, refinish the interior, the exterior, restore the trim, or have some other work you need done. Finding a company that has experience and a history with classic cars is very important when you are deciding to have work done. Restoration companies should be at the top of your list when deciding where to send your car. We have heard a lot of horror stories from owners who had a vehicle in for relatively simple upgrades.
  • When you are in control of the build start to finish you are free to make changes to the car. Everything from addition of creature comforts, to modernizations and customizations will all be made available to you.

Personal Connection

  • The personal connection to a car you receive from actually taking part in a ground up restoration start to finish is something unique. We have been part of some pretty emotional deliveries here including everything up to tears of joy from grown men. We strongly believe that you will find your overall enjoyment and satisfaction with ownership greatly increased.

Our history

  • Established in 1988 MCR has restored hundreds of vehicles.
  • Customer cars only. Your place in line for any restoration service will never be interrupted for collision repair work or any classic car being flipped.
  • The quality and accuracy of our restorations have won them top honors at numerous car shows across the country and have allowed them to be seen on the covers of almost all the major automotive publications.
  • All makes, models, and years have been restored.
  • Numerous customers have taken the time to share their experiences.

Our facility

  • The 30,000+ square foot MCR owned facility is equipped with the most state-of-the-art equipment available.
  • Be sure to watch our video tour today for a complete over-view of what makes our facility truly unique!
  • Our doors are always open and we encourage you to call and arrange for a personal tour as well.

Our staff

  • Our staff are all specialists in specific areas of restoration. We have dedicated staff in parts, metal, bodywork, paint, assembly, and customer communication.
  • We employ only the most qualified, well trained, and experienced craftsman.

Our location

  • We readily accept new customers from around the country. To customers who cannot visit on a regular basis we provide weekly photo and video updates. We take our project documentation and customer communication very seriously. (Be sure to visit our 60,000+ restoration photo gallery – all of these photos are from direct updates to customers over the years)
  • We are located close to international and regional airports.


  • From start to finish we can help you locate the car of your dreams and restore it to your exact specifications.

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