Montana Department of Transportation (MDT)

Motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians are all responsible for safety on Montana’s roadways. Whether driving, bicycling, or walking, everyone must take care, because a collision with a motor vehicle and a bicycle or pedestrian is often deadly.

Here are some tips to safely share the road:

Motorists: Avoid distractions while driving and watch for cyclists and pedestrians, including when entering or exiting parking spaces. Watch for pedestrians and yield to them when they are crossing at uncontrolled intersections or marked crosswalks. When turning, it’s also important to look for bicyclists and pedestrian who may be crossing the street at those intersections.

Bicyclists: Avoid distractions while riding. Increase your visibility by wearing bright colored clothes and use reflective materials and bike lights. Be predictable and use hand signals when changing lanes, stopping and turning. Obey all the same traffic laws as a motor vehicle. Always wear a helmet, ride single file, and ride in the same direction as vehicular traffic.

Pedestrians: Like all other users, avoid distractions when walking, especially when crossing the street. Look left, right, then left again before entering the roadway. Be predictable. Use crosswalks and follow pedestrian crossing signals. Wear bright or reflective clothing especially at dawn, dusk and at night.

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