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Make Car Dealers Battle It Out For Your Money With This Sneaky Tip -

Make Car Dealers Battle It Out For Your Money With This Sneaky Tip

Buying a car can be an expensive hassle. It means dealing with eager car dealers or saving a few bucks and risking it from private sellers. From the depths of Reddit, we’ve found a logical, if not slightly evil, hack for saving yourself some cash in the process.

One Redditor’s solution to whittling down the price is to get car dealers to battle it out. u/IOughtToBeThrownAway said they saved “thousands of dollars” by finding two or more sellers offering the same make and model and getting them on the phone.

The idea is that both sellers will chop off hundreds or “thousands” of their possibly inflated price in order to get your sale, saving you a good amount in the process.

The Reddit user clearly ruffled a few feathers because a number of commenters were critical of the advice.

“I’m gonna guess whoever suggested this lifehack about buying cars isn’t even old enough to drive…. you’ll get told to go buy at the other dealership,” one person wrote.

The poster responded, explaining it was good to build rapport with the sellers by taking test drives and showing you’re serious about buying. Ultimately, however, you want to get them working for your sale

Look, maybe it is slightly heavy-handed but if you’re not too meek to try it, it’s worth a go. The worst that could happen is they hang up on you, really.

Perhaps, a less full-on version is to simply get one dealer to get down to their lowest price. Then use that information to tell another seller to see if they could take it further down. If no one will go lower and that car is in decent condition, you’ve got yourself a winner.

Other than dignity, what have you got to lose, really?

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