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Thanks for the write up, nice job! Love that pressure transducer. Any links on how to make one? (You must have know that someone was gonna ask!) lol

Given the fact that budgets are a relative term, I though I’d add my two cents here.

I bought my first scope last year. I was planning on buying a Uscope. I liked the size, the price, and the features. I was however, concerned with the fact that it only had one channel. I figured that I’d wait till a two channel version of the Uscope came out and buy that. However, it became apparent that AES had no plans for a two channel version.

Upon the recommendation of a popular diagnostician on YT and even Paul Danner himself, I bought a used, but like new, Snap-On Vantage Pro. It had somewhat older firmware but since my newest car is a 2009 the coverage was fine. The cost was twice that of a Uscope but I got a two channel scope and the famous Snap-On troubleshooter as well. To me, this was a smart financial decision and I am 100% satisfied with it.

I just completed a rather challenging engine swap and without the Vantage Pro I never would have been able to troubleshoot any of the suspected problem systems. Despite the fact that it cost me twice the price of a Uscope, it easily cost justified itself during this swap.

There are numerous good reasons to buy a used Vantage Pro. Here are what I see as the most important.

First and foremost is the Snap-On component troubleshooter. Packed with information, the troubleshooter gives; troubleshooting procedures, component locations, pin outs, expected voltages and signals, sample waveforms, etc,. It makes use of an amp clamp a no brainer operation.

Secondly, and most relevant to this thread, is the fact that it is a 2 channel scope! I’ve used mine to do cam/crank correlations, O2 testing, injector testing, APP signal testing, relative compression, and several other things.

Consider the fact that the Vantage Pro offers the component troubleshooter and the 2 channel scope it is my opinion that you’d be hard pressed to find a better limited budget scope option. Another consideration might be an older used Modis – 4 channels!!

If your personal budget is such that a Vantage Pro is something you can consider, I say go for it! Prices will vary based on update version and condition. Used Vantage Pros can be found on eBay and Craigslist.

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