Enterprise Car Rental Review: Costs and Deals (2023)

Enterprise Car Rental Review: Costs and Deals (2023)

About Enterprise Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating: F Average rental cost per day: $90 including

About Enterprise

Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating: F

Average rental cost per day: $90 including taxes and fees

Number of locations: Over 4,000 in the U.S. and 10,000 worldwide

Loyalty program: Enterprise Plus®

Headquarters: St. Louis, Mo.

Since its inception in 1857, Enterprise has grown to become the largest rental car agency in the world with over 10,000 locations. You can find Enterprise in the U.S. at over 4,000 locations, including 250 major airport locations. Its parent company, Enterprise Holdings, also owns National and Alamo.

Enterprise Rental Car Cost

If you’re anything like us, the first thing you want to know is how much a rental car is going to cost. For our Enterprise car rental review, our team compared rates for standard sedans and SUVs from three popular U.S. airports: Dallas/Fort Worth, Los Angeles and Orlando. Our analysis shows Enterprise rentals cost about $90 per day or $633 per week on average (including taxes and fees). This is about 18% higher than the industry average of $77 per day or $539 per week.

Below, you can see Enterprise quotes for a standard sedan at three locations:

The following costs are to rent an SUV from Enterprise at the same airports. You can see it’s more expensive to rent an SUV than a sedan in each location.

Enterprise Deals

Unfortunately, Enterprise doesn’t have many deals at this time. The only advertised deal is a discount for military members, veterans and federal employees. If you fall into one of these groups, you can save 5% on rates for leisure travel. Enterprise also offers a special program for official government travel rentals.Enterprise Car Rental Review: Costs and Deals (2023)

Additional Costs

There are a few costs you should expect to pay beyond the base rate. Some of these are refundable, like a security deposit, some apply to all rentals, like taxes and fees, and others depend on your situation, like a young renter fee.

Security Deposit

Enterprise requires a security deposit or credit card hold for most rentals. The exact amount depends on the location and type of vehicle you rent. For example, the Orlando International Airport location charges a $400 deposit for any reservation without a ticketed return itinerary, and a neighborhood Orlando Enterprise location charges a $300 deposit on all rentals. Both locations bump the deposit up to $850 for luxury vehicles.

Enterprise accepts debit cards if the address on the card matches the address on your license. Airport locations only accept debit cards with a ticketed return itinerary.

Taxes and Fees

Enterprise includes taxes and fees on the first screen you see when shopping for a rental. This transparency makes it more convenient to see what you can actually expect to pay. Some companies only show these charges on the last screen, which can make shopping a bit confusing. Below, you can see taxes and fees from an Enterprise reservation that applies to a weeklong Toyota Corolla rental at Orlando International Airport.

You’ll see different fees depending on the location. Airport locations have to pay facility fees, which account for a few of the fees above. If you rent from a neighborhood location, you’ll likely pay fewer fees. You can see how the fees for renting a Toyota Corolla from a neighborhood Enterprise location in Orlando compare below.

In this case, renting from the neighborhood location was cheaper overall, which is why the sales tax is lower.

According to our research, fees are fairly consistent across companies if you’re shopping from the same type of location. You’ll find a greater variation in base daily rental rates.

Young Renter Fee

You have to be at least 21 years old to rent a car in most states, though you can be as young as 18 in New York and Michigan. Since younger drivers are at higher risk of accidents, they pay higher rental car rates. Enterprise charges a young renter fee of about $25 per day for renters between the ages of 21 and 24. Renters younger than 21 will pay even higher fees.

One-Way Rental Fee

Rental cars are great for taking a long road trip without putting wear and tear on your car. However, you’ll pay a fee to use different pickup and drop-off locations. Our quote analysis shows Enterprise charges a drop fee of about $616 for a weeklong one-way rental. This is about 18% higher than the national average fee of $524.

Cancellation Fee

There is no cancellation fee if you haven’t paid for your rental and have yet to pick up the vehicle. Just let Enterprise know you’d like to cancel the reservation.

However, if you prepaid for your rental, you’ll pay a $50 fee to cancel more than 24 hours before pickup. And if you cancel within 24 hours of pickup, you’ll pay a $100 fee. Compared to other companies, Enterprise has an average cancellation policy. Most charge some type of fee to cancel prepaid reservations.

Enterprise Rental Car Services

Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers a wide variety of rental services. The company offers many vehicles and price points for standard short-term rentals in addition to the following services:

  • Long-term rental: Enterprise offers long-term rental discounts that start at 28 days. 
  • One-way rental: You can get one-way rentals from many Enterprise locations, though you’ll pay a fee. One-way rentals may not be available at every location.
  • Moving truck rental: In addition to rental cars, Enterprise offers moving truck, moving van and pickup truck rentals through Enterprise Truck Rental.
  • Enterprise subscription: You can subscribe to Enterprise to rent a car on a monthly basis. The program includes 3,000 miles per month and allows you to swap cars up to four times each month.

If you’re having an event like a wedding or family reunion, Enterprise may be able to offer group rental rates. You’ll have to call the company to arrange this, though, as it’s not an option online.

Vehicle Selection

As far as rental fleets go, Enterprise has the best car selection out there. Enterprise offers a full range of vehicles from economy cars to SUVs, minivans, pickup trucks and luxury cars. Enterprise also offers exotic car rentals such as Bentleys, Lamborghinis and Aston Martins at some of its locations. Look for locations that mention exotics in the title as you search on Enterprise’s website.

Enterprise Plus Rewards Program

With Enterprise Plus, you can earn points when you shop from the company and redeem them for free rental days. The program is free to join and has four levels: Plus, Silver, Gold and Platinum. You’ll get the following benefits by being a member:

  • Earn points for free rental days with no blackout dates
  • Use members-only check-in
  • Access a dedicated phone number

Points are valid as long as you are an active member. This means you need to make a qualifying reservation once every 36 months at a minimum. Points expire after 36 months from your last rental date. 

A qualifying rental is any rental of at least one day that includes at least one paid day. So, a free rental day you bought with points doesn’t count. Also, rentals booked on third-party sites like Priceline don’t count, either. Be aware that additional products like insurance upgrades or add-ons don’t accrue points.

National Car Rental is owned by Enterprise Holdings, so you can also accrue points by renting through National. However, this doesn’t apply to Alamo.

You earn at least one point with each dollar spent, and you can get a free rental day with as little as 600 points. Below, you can see the four tiers of the rewards program at a glance:

Rental Car Add-Ons

Depending on where you rent your car and how you choose to pay, you’ll have a number of add-ons to choose from. You may find these on Enterprise’s website or you may be presented with them when you pick up the car.

Enterprise Car Rental Reviews

Enterprise leads the pack when it comes to vehicle selection and services, but unfortunately, it lags behind in customer service. The company has an F rating from the BBB for having over 2,700 complaints and not responding to over 500 of them. Over 20,000 Enterprise car rental reviews on Trustpilot rate the company an average of 2.5 out of 5.0, as well.

Our team reached out to Enterprise for a comment on these ratings but did not receive a response.

Positive Enterprise Car Rental Reviews

Enterprise does have a large number of positive reviews. Plus, considering it’s the biggest car rental company around, it must be doing something right. Positive Enterprise reviews on Trustpilot mention helpful staff and a quick, hassle-free check-in process.

In one review, a customer mentioned purchasing radiator fluid for the rental car and getting reimbursed by Enterprise upon returning the car. In another case, a customer used Enterprise after an accident. Someone from Enterprise picked the customer up from the repair shop and had them on their way in 10 minutes.

Negative Enterprise Car Rental Reviews

With a company the size of Enterprise, not everyone will have a great experience. Some negative reviews say rental cars were in poor condition at pickup and others mention the reserved car wasn’t available. A few Enterprise car rental reviews also say some staff members can be unhelpful or hard to deal with.

Bottom Line on Enterprise

Enterprise offers a good selection of vehicles and is available in many locations worldwide. If you plan on being a long-time customer, you can also build points to spend on free rental days through its Enterprise Plus rewards program. However, we found other companies have better customer service reputations. We encourage you to compare rental rates from different providers to find the best option for your trip.

Recommendations for Rental Cars

You have many rental companies to choose from for your vacation or to provide transportation while your car is in the shop. Below are a few of our top recommendations to compare. 

  • Budget: Our team gave Budget a score of 9.3 out of 10.0 and named it our Editor’s Choice. We found Budget offers rates about 21% cheaper than average for weekly rentals.
  • Hertz: We suggest checking out Hertz if customer service is your main concern. The company is known for providing great service across the world and has a 4.4-star rating out of 5.0 stars from nearly 7,000 reviews on Trustpilot.
  • Dollar: While many companies charge hefty fees for one-way rentals, this isn’t the case with Dollar. We found an average rate increase of about $363 from Dollar for a weeklong one-way rental compared to the industry average increase of $524.

Our Methodology

Because consumers rely on us to provide objective and accurate information, we created a comprehensive rating system to formulate our rankings of the best rental car companies. We collected data on several car rental providers to grade them on five key ranking factors. The end result was an overall rating for each provider, with the companies that scored the most points topping the list.

Here are the factors our ratings take into account:

  • Industry standing: Our research team considered years of experience and BBB ratings when giving this score.
  • Availability: Car rental agencies with more locations nationwide and at major airports scored highest in this category. We also considered the types of rental vehicles available with each company.
  • Cost: Providers that offer affordable average rates, low cancellation fees and discount opportunities received the highest ratings.
  • Options and restrictions: Companies with several add-on options and fewer restrictions are more likely to meet consumer needs.
  • Customer experience: This score is based on customer reviews, J.D. Power satisfaction ratings and loyalty program availability. We also considered how easy it is to get pricing information from each company.