Drivers Looking to Get Their Kia Vehicle Thoroughly Cleaned are Invited to the Lehighton Kia Service Center

A family riding in a vehicle

Drivers and passengers can enjoy a clean Kia vehicle when they visit the Lehighton Kia service center.

Drivers have become more particular than ever before when it comes to cleaning the interior of their Kia vehicle. Not cleaning the interior of a vehicle allows for dust to build up, which can downgrade the performance of air vents and other components. It can also allow for stains to break down materials like leather quicker than normal. Of course, there is also always a concern over germs and bacteria.

At Lehighton Kia, the in-house service center’s technicians offer cleaning and sanitation services on Kia vehicles. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, they can clean and sanitize difficult-to-reach areas while using effective, yet gentle cleaning solutions recommended by Kia.

While cleaning each Kia vehicle brought in, the technicians can do a thorough inspection of the vehicle to ensure that everything is in working order and drivers can continue to enjoy a dependable ride.

In addition to the in-house service center that specializes in Kia vehicles, Lehighton Kia provides a full range of services for Kia shoppers and owners, including a vast inventory of new Kia vehicles, a large selection of used vehicles from Kia and other brands, various financing options, and a huge inventory of Kia-certified parts and accessories.

Drivers interested in having their Kia vehicle cleaned and sanitized are encouraged to contact Lehighton Kia through its website at or by phone at 833-335-5077. Lehighton Kia is located at 1502 Blakeslee Boulevard Drive East in Lehighton.

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