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What Makes a Car Classic or Collector Not every car qualifies for classic car

What Makes a Car Classic or Collector

Not every car qualifies for classic car insurance. To get this coverage, your car needs to be 10 or more years old and may be used on a regular basis. It’s value also needs to be much higher than the average for that make and model.


To learn more, call 800-555-2510 to get a classic car insurance quote from The Hartford today.


Your Collector Car Deserves Customized Coverage

Classic Car Insurance

We understand that collector cars are more than just a vehicle. They’re passion projects, cherished heirlooms and even investments. That’s why you’ll want quality car insurance coverage to help pay for repairs if it ever needs them. This is especially true because replacement parts can be costly and hard to find.


To get your car insured, customize your coverage through the AARP® Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford1 today. Through American Modern Insurance Group, we’ll offer you antique and classic car coverage that’s designed to protect your rare vehicle at a lower rate.


You can get your classic car insurance quote today by calling 800-555-2510. We’ll even help you learn more about which auto coverage is subject to policy provisions. These can include mileage limitations for your car.


Benefits of Classic Car Insurance From The Hartford

With a policy from us, you’ll get discounts on your car insurance rates if you have:


  • Anti-theft devices, like alarms and tracking equipment.

  • Defensive driving training from a course that’s approved by us.

  • Other auto or home insurance policies from us, so you can bundle your auto and homeowners insurance together.

With a classic car insurance policy from us, you’ll also receive 24/7 roadside assistance. Whether you need gas in your classic vehicle or you need to fix a flat tire on your antique car, we’ll help you wherever you need it.


Classic Car Insurance Coverage

Repairing and replacing a classic, antique or collector vehicle is expensive. That’s why you need the right amount of classic car insurance. Your car’s agreed value determines your policy’s coverage amount.



Add Even More Collector Car Coverage Options

You also may be able to add coverages for your classic car like:


For an extra premium you may be able to add optional coverages, like foreign transport. This can help extend your coverage for your car while it’s in transit and driven overseas. You can also get full safety glass replacement, if you need to replace your windshield and there’s no other damage on your car.


Classic Car Insurance Requirements

Classic Car Insurance Requirements

Each car insurance company has different classic car insurance requirements to qualify for this coverage. Some may require a clean driving history. This means if you have serious driving tickets or accidents, you may not qualify. Your insurance company also might require safe storage of your vehicle for coverage. This can be as easy as putting your car in a garage.2


FAQs About Classic and Collector Car Insurance

What Is Agreed Value?

To figure out the value of repairing or replacing your classic car, your insurance company or insurance agency will set an agreed value. Your car’s appraisals, photographs and receipts help decide this amount.


What Is the Difference Between an Antique & Classic Auto?

We define antique cars as those manufactured at least 25 years ago. We also expect that you drive these cars primarily in parades or other events. If you drive them regularly, they don’t qualify as antique.


Cars that are 10 or more years old that you drive on a regular basis may qualify for classic auto coverage. However, your vehicle’s value needs to be higher than other comparable cars.


To learn about specific coverage provisions, exclusions and endorsements, call 800-555-2510 to get an classic car insurance quote from us today.


Is Antique Auto Coverage Restricted to Parades & Exhibitions?

No. While our insurance helps cover events like parades and car shows, it also helps protect you if you need to occasionally drive for other reasons.


What People Are Saying About The Hartford Classic Car Insurance


 “The Hartford was awesome in handling my accident claim. Their representatives were very kind, helpful and compassionate. The agent that was assigned my case was very accessible and transparent with all my needs. The Hartford allowed me the opportunity to choose the Body Shop I felt most comfortable with. They had my rental car ready to go – I had to just say my name and off I went after dropping off my car to be repaired! All in all, I cannot say enough positive things about The Hartford. Considering how stressful an accident can be, they made this unnerving event a very non-stressful experience.”


“The Hartford recommended an excellent collision shop and rental car agency. The accident rattled me, but I was assisted every step of the way by wonderful people.”


“The claim process my family and I had to go through was sweatless and quick. The representative handling our claim was very efficient and very responsive. I would highly recommend Hartford Insurance to anyone looking for great car insurance!”

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