Charlotte Road Cycling Club kicks off its semester at the end of the month | News

Photo by Anthony Saraco Charlotte Road Cycling Club will soon hold the first group ride


Charlotte Road Cycling Club will soon hold the first group ride of the semester in the University area.

Anthony Saraco, a fourth-year student, founded the club in 2021.

“[The club] has allowed me to share why I like what I do with the sport of cycling,” Saraco said. “I can talk to other people about incorporating cycling into their lives to stay healthy and active.”

The club will have its first group ride of the semester on Feb. 24 from 3-4:30 p.m. Group rides take place biweekly, and they have around 40 members.

New members do not need any experience. Riders only need a helmet and suitable shoes; road bikes are not required. There is a contact form on Niner Engage for anyone interested.

Saraco said the club could be a good opportunity for students new to Charlotte who need to learn the area.

“I’ve scouted out the best places to ride,” Saraco said.

Saraco is actively looking for officers as well. He created a google form that interest officers may fill out.

“On group rides, I give riders tips on not getting hit. In addition, I try to teach people group etiquette,” Saraco said. “My biggest impact is helping people stay safe and enjoy their time out there.”

“I feel confident in my ability to teach other people how to be safe,” said Saraco. “I’ve been riding since I was 15.”

The club has a constitution that they follow containing guidelines and safety protocols. For example, if it is 43 degrees or colder or if there is heavy rain, they cancel the ride.

Membership mainly consists of involvement in the group rides. “We would like to host at least one charity ride between this semester and the fall semester,” Saraco said.