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Boulder Bicycle

It is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect items and determine if they are suitable and

It is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect items and determine if they are suitable and safe for use.  Visit the policies page for more details



Boulder Bicycle Now Open – Online Only


We have decided we’re going to try to keep the online store open as best we can during the current crises.  The State of Colorado has determined that bicycle repair is a critical business – and we supply parts to those engaged in bicycle repair!

We only allow one staff member on site at one time, that means that orders may take longer to ship as we are not shipping every day.  Note that we are not allowing in-person customers to visit our shop.


Please Stay Safe Out There – There are many things far more important than bike parts

A few ordering notes

1)  If you forgot your customer account info from a previous visit, just checkout as a guest during the checkout process, and don’t worry about logging into your previous info.

2)  You may see something in the checkout process about “Masterpass” – you can ignore that as the system will not force you to use it.  You can use either credit card or paypal to make your purchase when you go to the next screen.

Shipping and Order Processing Times

At the current time, we are only shipping orders on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  That means we typically get orders out within 2 business days.  But, if we get slammed with orders on a weekend, if we can’t get them all out by monday, your order may not ship until Wednesday.   If there is a risk of this, the shipping department status will typically but not always inform you of this.  Also note:  if you are a foreign buyer and send us payment for shipping that we’ve requested, your order may not go out until the next monday/wednesday/friday.


Foreign Customers – please click here for shipping and minimum-foreign-order information


Shipping Department Status

Delays Possible But Keeping Up Fairly Well

We’re actually keeping up fairly well and can ship some orders out every day or every other day at this time.  Figure most orders go out in one or two business days, but some orders might take as many as 3 business days to ship.

Welcome To Boulder Bicycle

4949 Broadway St. Unit 103 Boulder, CO 80304

[email protected]

(720) 532-3482

please email for best response  - we're still debugging our phone system which has some updating issues 


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Enjoy our site on a big screen when you have a chance



Retail Store Hours

No Visitors at this time – lets all stay safe!

for appointment best to email

[email protected]

Some quantities limited to just one-per-person (so our customers, not competing dealers, can enjoy the bounty).


The online store is very accurate

Since inventory is adjusted immediately when sales are made – but of course, once in awhile we make errors. Also, not responsible for typo’s – thanks for your undersanding.

Some items say “please allow 4 extra business days for delivery”.

 This applies to items that we just-in-time to the shop.  Items that say this may may have an inventory count listed, but in such cases ignore that count.

Foreign Credit Card Users

If your credit card is not being accepted by the system, try paying at checkout with paypal and sign in as a guest if you do not have a paypal account.

Shipping Info

Please click on “Policies” on the above menu for shipping and ordering information


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