Bike Lockers | Bicycle Lockers

Bike Lockers | Bicycle Lockers

American Bicycle is the Premier Manufacturer of Bike Lockers and Bike Racks as well as

American Bicycle is the Premier Manufacturer of Bike Lockers and Bike Racks as well as a supplier of related equipment.  We offer the widest line of the Most Secure Bicycle Security solutions in the market. Our Bicycle Lockers and Bike racks are produced with a variety of options and different materials. What makes American Bicycle Products unique over the competition is supplying products which are proven to meet both the bicyclists’ and the customers’ needs.

AmeriBike has been in the bicycle locker business since 1986 and is a leading supplier of bike lockers in the United States and overseas with a proven track record of quality and reliability. Our bike lockers and bike racks have been shipped around the world providing secure bicycle parking and bicycle security.

Our Mission

At American Bicycle we are dedicated to product innovation with no compromise to quality with a team of experts backed up with years of experience.

Bike Lockers | Bicycle Lockers

Bike Lockers
300 Series

#1 choice for numerous architects, designers and government agencies due to the highest customer satisfaction, the highest quality and virtually no installation costs!


Bike Lockers
350 Series

Top of the line bike lockers, the preferred choice by transit agencies across the country, these bicycle lockers include accessories for easy bicycle parking.


Bike Racks

Built of heavy-duty materials for lifetime durability, they meet modern bike parking and bike security needs as well as add an artistic sense to a utilitarian product.


Bike Lockers
Eco Series

Manufactured of high strength fiberglass using a NEW resin with 25% recycled plastic; the first one-piece bike locker available that is not molded of soft and flammable HDPE plastic material.


Bike Locker
Digital Access

NEW Keyless Lock Options: AmeriLok NEW Blue Tooth Locking Option, DIGILOCK Keypad Lock – Assigned or Public Use, DIGILOCK RFID Lock – Assigned or Shared Use – easily find, rent, unlock, & pay.

Customer Testimonials

“100 percent of the bicycle lockers are currently rented! The students and staff love them and want more”

Gonzaga University, Washington

“Enjoying the convenience, peace of mind, and safety that the bike lockers provide. Not one of the bicycle lockers has been broken into since they were installed”

Southern Connecticut State University

“The bike lockers are a great incentive for people to commute to campus in all types of weather. We haven’t had any problems with the lockers, the installation went well and quickly..”

The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison

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