Welcome to the Bikeway Program for the City of Columbus. The Department of Public Service builds and maintains facilities to help those travelling in and around the Columbus area to use bicycles and a green, low cost and healthy means of travel. The city has also been selected for a bronze award from the League of American Bicyclists.  Click here to see a video about bicycling in Columbus!

Maps and Routes
The City of Columbus partnered with the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) to produce the 3rd edition of the Columbus Metro Bike Map, which is available at Columbus area bike shops and public libraries
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Protected Bike Lane

Protected Bike Lanes
Protected bike lanes
help eliminate perceived risk and fear of collisions; reduce the risk of
crashing into car doors; and add a level of predictability making streets safer
for everyone.
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Share the Road
Share the Road is a safety campaign created by Mayor Michael B. Coleman to encourage more people to ride their bicycles to work and school, and for fun.
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queue box pic

Turn Box
Bicycle lanes and cycle
tracks located on the right side of the roadway pose challenges for cyclists
making left turns.  
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Connect Columbus

Multimodal Thoroughfare Plan
The City of Columbus is
currently developing a true Multimodal Thoroughfare Plan to improve safety,
reduce congestion, assist children and the elderly, and promote economic
development, fitness and environmental responsibility. 
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Bicycle Parking

Bicycle Parking
Accessible and secure bicycle parking encourages people to get where they need to go on their bicycle. A variety of parking options can be found in Columbus.
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Projects and Planning

Projects and Planning
Information about current and upcoming bicycle projects. 
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