Bicycle Haus – Arizona’s Premiere Bicycle Shop

Bicycle Haus – Arizona’s Premiere Bicycle Shop

A special announcement to all our friends and family in the community. We want to

A special announcement to all our friends and family in the community.

We want to thank all of our customers for their continued business and loyalty. With the recent announcement from our governor, who declared all bicycle shops as “essential businesses,” we feel that it’s time to make a couple adjustments in order to best serve our community, including our dedicated crew, whom we also consider family. Based on the needs we have seen and heard from the community, we have decided to continue our regular business hours of operation for the time being. Of course, we will continue to watch and listen with astute discernment and wisdom. Our priority is to provide a safe and clean environment, complete with the necessary service and resources as you adjust to this new “day to day.” This will also allow us to catch up on restocking and sanitizing, which is and always has been an essential. Our doors will remain open with a only few, unique changes:

We are extending the shop facilities out on to our lovely patio, setting up a “greeting” table to accommodate all necessary service assessments. As we normally juggle the usual tasks as quickly as possible, we especially understand that your time is both valuable and vital. We ask that you plan to wait on the patio during your needed service. If a part-order is needed for your repair, we may ask to schedule a return visit with your bicycle in order to complete the service. This will allow us, with our very limited storage space, to meet your needs and get you and your family back on the road ASAP. Bicycles have truly provided everyone with a renewed sense of hope and escape, as we work to counter this very strange and very contagious virus. Our ultimate goal remains the same as always – to service all repairs in as little time as possible, allowing you to make plans as soon as possible!

If you would like to purchase supplies for your rides or perhaps even considering a new bike/kit/accessory, one of the Haüs staff will gladly accompany you to the appropriate area of the shop, answering any and all questions. We hope this will allow for an efficient and carefully monitored experience. We are thankful to report excellent inventory levels; however, if anything is needed, it will be ordered to arrive in 3-5 business days. And as always, you are very welcome to call the shop to order, drop ship, or ship from this Haüs to your house at no cost to you. Please make sure to call during business hours, and don’t worry one bit – we will “make it so” to the very best of our ability!

With all that said, we encourage you to call and ask for anything – we will do all that we can to help. Thank you, again, for all your continued support, for choosing the Bicycle Haüs. Please be safe, mindful, and stay the course. We are definitely going to make it through this challenging time together.

Haüs phone: 480.994.4287

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