Bicycle Discovery – 40 Photos & 141 Reviews – Bikes – 8800 Warner Ave, Fountain Valley, CA – Phone Number

Bicycle Discovery – 40 Photos & 141 Reviews – Bikes – 8800 Warner Ave, Fountain Valley, CA – Phone Number

141 8800 Warner AveFountain Valley, CA 92708 (714) 841-1366 Great local shop, staff were very


8800 Warner Ave
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

(714) 841-1366

Great local shop, staff were very courteous. When I brought my bike for a tune. They were informative and contacted me when things went above quoted price

They have a great inventory

Great neighborhood shop. Their customer service is first rate. I’ve brought my road bike here twice, and both times they had me in and out in a matter of hours, not days and for a very reasonable rate.
I’ve been to other shops in HB, and this is the best service I’ve received by far. Very friendly, honest staff, great service and probably where I’ll buy my next bike.

We haven’t purchased my sons bike as of yet but we went in there to get him fitted and to find the style of bike that he wanted. The staff was great – super helpful and very informative! Will definitely go back to purchase the bike!

I’ve been coming here for years! I have an old Sears & Robuck bike from the 60’s that they keep alive for me and that made it a no brainer when my son wanted a new Trek mountain bike. So I took my old Sears bike in to have the headset and front hub lubed because it was making a noise. It was $60 and that is no problem, they’ve always done a good job. The tech asked me if I wanted to take it for a spin to check it out , I said no because I was in a hurry. But once I got in the parking lot I just hopped on and took it around the parking lot. Right away I noticed that the handle bars were crooked and then I noticed the nice silver anodized goose neck that they put on at a previous visit was all marked up from tools. I took it back in and shared the issues with the same tech. He took the bike to the back and in less than 30 seconds asked if I could come back in 30 minutes so they could replace the goose neck assembly with a new one. This kind of service and standing behind work just doesn’t happen any more. I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge Rob the tech and John the manager! I will be back because of today because without it, I would have taken my business elsewhere FOR SURE!

I hope Bicycle Discovery doesn’t mind me saying so, but their location, directly next store to A Snail’s Pace in Fountain Valley, makes this bicycle shop one of the top reasons that I shop here. I love A Snail’s Pace, go there all of the time; and I love Bicycle Discovery as well!

But it’s not just that.

At Bicycle Discovery, everyone is just so knowledgable and helpful. I haven’t yet bought a new bike from them as of yet, but I’m sure to be looking for another soon. Instead, I’ve purchased helmets, racks and a baby seat, cell phone mounts, clipless bike shoes and pedals, and even a lock and pump. And what’s even better, with what little I know about my bike (so far), and with so much I still need to learn, when I stop in with whatever questions I have, Bicycle Discovery doesn’t mind doing a little teaching. I really appreciate them for that. It brings me back.

If you want great customer service. Come here and ask for Zach.

I am one of “those customers” who ask a million questions and then forgets what the answer is, so what Im pretty much saying is that, i am a super annoying customer.

Lol, but Zach was super helpful and informative. He knew what he was talking about or at least it seemed like he did. Cos I definitely have no idea.

I wasn’t ready to purchase today. But I will be back!!

Cleanliness: 5/5
Customer service: 5/5

I went in last week to have the clips of my spin shoes fixed, I had stripped the screw to where we couldn’t even get them to budge. The guy worked on them for awhile and was able to fix them and didn’t even charge me. We have bought bikes and accessories in this store over the years and they have always been so helpful but this was a really nice gesture. We will be back.

I have been here a few times and had work done on my bike. They usually do a very good job at a reasonable price, so I have kept coming back.

Last night I had a small issue with my bike. I have an event tomorrow night and need it. So I called there at 10:30 AM and explained the issue and asked if I could bring it over around 5:30. The person understood and said “no problem” the sooner the better.

I rolled up at 5:30 and the store was empty. I younger guy started walking towards me for the other end of the store. I told him that I had called etc. He went on to say that I would need to leave my bike. It would be 24-48 hours. That they don’t give people “cuts” and there were other bikes ahead of mine. I told him that was quite a bit different from the conversation I had earlier on the phone. After some pleading, he put it on the rack and said he did not know how to work on that part. I asked if the mechanic was there and he said he was busy, so I left.

I called another shop in Downtown HB and they said “no problem”. I got there and they fixed it in 5 minutes. I will think hard before I go to Discovery again. It sucks that one employee can have such a negative effect on an entire business.

Fantastic customer service! They helped me to find exactly what I was looking for. Was able to pick the right back and addressed the concerns I had about putting it on my bike rack

Absolutely satisfied with the service we received walking in to this store.

We were just browsing around and ended up purchasing not one but TWO bicycles!
A very kind gentleman greeted us with a very welcoming smile and was around while we browsed and offered very good pieces of information.

After walking around the store Josh approached us and helped me make a better decision about my purchase and also provided us with care tips to keep our bikes in good condition.

We bought a pair (for the FiancĂ© and I), a basket and basket liner, can’t wait to bring them back in four months for our tune-up.

I am 100 % convinced this is the best Bike shop in HB-and we have a lot of them! They have serviced my beloved well worn Trek in the past but this recent experience was truly awesome and I will not be going anywhere else! I am preparing for a short 30 mile charity ride and brought the bike ( that I haven’t ridden in 3 years) for tune up and low and behold my bike looks like I just bought it at a really decent price! Also got a new pair of shoes on sale and they put my clips on for free!
John was the best and he worked with me on exactly what I needed!

John, Desiree and Jim Rocked the house for me today!!! Other bike shop sold me the WRONG bike rack, weighted for beach cruisers and we have 2 electric bikes! Thought I would lose them on the highway …… John weighted our bikes and hooked me up with the right bike rack – cudos John! I’m so safe and secure now. Then the wifie noticed those huge “butt comforting” seats and we bought 2! But they weren’t perfect so they let us return and upgrade to the C9-Gel!!! Oh my gosh folks – I be gel-ing!!! I’ll stop there but I promise – these folks can’t be beat!

I Purchased a $1600 E bike Over the Internet that showed up with a broken valve stem on the rear tire. White I waited I received excellent service and $36 later the problem was solved. Excellent service reasonable prices what else could a guy ask for. Salesman we’re honest… workers were skilled… I highly recommend this place.

Came in on a weekday and nobody greeted me or was available. Man hours cost money; I get it. The only guy working was the mechanic. I bought two tires; he was less than helpful. I wanted to ask questions but felt like it would be an imposition. Bought two tires for the road bike. Went someplace else for the maintenance I was going to have done. Don’t know what’s going on with this store…great potential but not happening!

We bought our bike there few years ago. We were impressed with the sale and service then. We believe the owner helped us choose the right bike with his expertise.

Yesterday (11:30AM), we specifically came back to the same store wanting to buy a new bike. No other customers were in the store. A casual employee walked behind the counter to help us. We wanted a female beach cruiser, red or white, no speed or max. 3 speeds. The employee looked to his left and to his right and said, he did not have any except a cream color. He never left his post to help us or to try and make a sale. That was the most help we received from him.

We decided to walk on our own through the store. We found some nice bikes, white Electra Lux 1 and Lux 7 that would meet our requirement. But we did not have the confidence in this employee or his expertise, so we left to go next door to another bike store Performance. We bought a bike with all the accessories there where we were given expert advice and professional service.

A bad employee can destroy a business. That’s what happened to this Discovery Bike Store. I hope that the owner “discovers” this grave mistake by the employee and makes any adjustment soon.

Horrible customer service! Cashier #26! No greeting when I entered store, and a surly attitude. I was kept waiting while the young adult clerks just stood in the store. Had to asks for assistance with my bike. When I returned to pick up the bike I received the same attitude. I also noticed a customer with his son and he was treated in the same manner. Performance Bikes is next door, but I have been a loyal customer for years, and have purchased 8 bikes from this store. I think my next purchase will be from Performance Bike. Life is too short to have bad experiences!

They always have great service, repairs and advise. I love the atmosphere there

What a great shop!
Highly recommend this place for deals and if you’re looking to purchase a bike also, to have your bike serviced.
Great staff extremely helpful there were specials this Fourth of July weekend 2017. My brother came from Palm Springs… Googled this place and decided to take advantage on Special!
he was very happy

I was so impress with the service I splurged and got him a new handlebar set which they quickly put it on before we left
I would deathly go back here for any of my bicycle needs
Great selection of bike tons of product and gear
Satisfactory customer service

I bought a beach cruiser from here 5yrs ago and am now ready to spend a pretty penny on a road bike so I came back to the people that treated me so well 5yrs ago. Those people must’ve quit.

Not one customer in the store so it wasn’t busy, noon-ish on a Sunday I walk in happy as can be ready to spend my hard earned cash and the sales guy just stares at me when I walk in, not bothering to say a word so I said hello to him first. Waiting for a response from him maybe to ask me what I need… but that didn’t happen either. So I ask if they have any road bikes and he points and says “over there”. No smile no enthusiasm ZERO friendliness and didn’t even bother walking over he just leaned against the counter and pointed.
His attitude completely spoke of “F**k this place and f**k you too and I have no intention of even helping you so don’t bother me”. Getting him to answer questions was like pulling teeth and he did not elaborate it was literally one word answers paired with a smug look on his face as if he had better things to do. He did not ask me one question regarding my interest in a bike.

Appreciate the people that walk through your door. We’re there for the purpose of something fun, build on that otherwise you’re better suited working at the DMV.

Amazing bike shop with friendly staff. If your bike ever needs service make sure to bring it here.

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