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Barnett Bicycle Institute

     Our Coursework: At BBI we believe that bicycle mechanics is

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Our Coursework:

At BBI we believe that bicycle mechanics is a science, not an art. Our core philosophy revolves around providing a professional-grade technical education that teaches students methodology and measurable, repeatable processes.
High quality training is one of the surest ways to increase a mechanic’s consistency and quality of work. Come get trained and discover what makes Barnett Bicycle Institute the leading trade school for bicycle mechanics.

Barnett’s Manual DX:

Our repair manual, Barnett’s Manual DX, is the most comprehensive guide to bicycle repair and maintenance in production anywhere. DX is a tremendous resource at nearly 15,000 digital pages of technical resource material.

For our students, DX is a learning resource and lab guide. Due to DX’s thoroughness, the student does not have to rely on memorization or note-taking to complete a procedure.

Barnett Bicycle Institute Tools:

BBI tools are born out of necessity and reflect the same uncompromising commitment to getting the job done right that we have always been known for. Since opening, BBI has worked to discover and teach the most accurate and measurable means to accomplish a task. When the right tool for the job does not exist, we make it.


Please get in touch with us by email or phone for any questions or to request more detailed information. We make every possible effort to reply to emails promptly. For more immediate support, please give us a call during our normal business hours. Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, mountain time.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   719.632.5173   2725 Ore Mill Rd Ste 23, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

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