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What We Do To empower our clients, we co-create the technology platforms of tomorrow and

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What We Do

To empower our clients, we co-create the technology platforms of tomorrow and engineer them at scale.

Through our digital strategy and design agency, Smashing Ideas, we carry out service design projects for mobility service providers. Our industry practices leverage deep domain insights to enable consulting and engineering solutions in the areas of Digital Cockpit, Autonomous Drive and Connected Mobility. Through our Silicon Technology and Partners practice, we implement strategies through an ecosystem of partners to accelerate innovation.

Let’s empower the mobility revolution together – starting right now.

Digital Cockpit

We put stunning user experiences on the road from pixel to silicon

Personalized digital lifestyles have become increasingly important for consumers. Our world-class Digital Cockpit experts harness the technology you need for smarter, safer vehicles, and holistic, stunning user experiences. We combine deep understanding of all software layers with a team of remarkable user experience talent, to develop the digital cockpit of tomorrow’s vehicles with our customers. Our powerful, cross-skilled team brings product developments and UX enhancements to market, quicker.

Concept Engineering

Implementing early concepts and bringing them to life and enabling dreams to become reality through software in shows and exhibitions. We use advanced technologies and creative approaches to succeed in this very specialized domain.

User Experience Design

Providing stunning graphics, concepts and designs for fully functional, on-road user experiences.

HMI Development

We offer software development that provides the complete range of solutions in design, development and deployment of the most engaging, viable and top-performing interfaces between human and machine. Engage with us to take control of your HMI.


Luxoft develops automotive navigation functionality with our partners which enables differentiation with advanced features and map rendering. Integrating navigation technology into OEM and Tier1 platforms provides a more complete and consistent user experience, bridging the gap to mobile devices.

Software Integration

Enabling automotive companies to become software savvy, guiding them in the setup of software-focused agile organizations with blueprints, technology, tooling and years of experience in agile automotive setups.

Software Platforms

Driving, developing and collaborating with partners on a range of software platforms which we see essential for digital cockpit products to succeed on the market. This includes UI frameworks, middleware, embedded OS, hypervisors, safety components and industry initiatives.

Other Digital Cockpit Solutions

Providing solutions for Instrument Clusters, Head Units, Telematics, and Converged ECUs so you can develop more extensive, near real-time servicing and maintenance models.

Autonomous Drive

From driver assistance to full automation – we know the road

In the age of automated driving, we meet your current and future software needs. From sensors to driving functions, we have in-depth expertise in software platforms, perception algorithms, and safety-critical, embedded software development. We provide the agility and scale to co-develop safe mobility for everyone, with a vision to return valuable time to commuters and unclog our roads through vehicle sharing.

Software Development for Sensor ECUs

Creating production software from client-specific functions for lidar, radar, camera and ultrasound sensors, e.g. lane and distance keeping; we achieve outstanding quality and safety, by applying automotive standards including AUTOSAR classic, Ethernet, ASPICE and ISO 26262 for software implementation, integration and testing.

Software Platforms for the Vehicle ‘Brain’

Empowering automotive OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers and semiconductor vendors to rapidly develop central software platforms for integrating and updating functions, including advanced driving assist, driving comfort and cockpit visualization. In this field, we are leaders in facilitating the migration to AUTOSAR adaptive, creation of client-specific middleware and timing analysis.

Creating a ‘Smarter Driver’

Deploying our technology and expertise in computer vision and AI for sensing, perception, and trajectory planning. Our clients develop software much more effectively in areas such as Sensor Data Fusion and Environment Modeling, empowered by our subject-matter expertise, Highly Automated Data Annotation (HADA) technology and cloud-based Virtual Validation.

Enhancing Comfort, Ensuring Security

Enhancing driver and passenger comfort functions such as air-conditioning and keyless access, while ensuring security and performance in real-time. We deploy our own Symta and TraceAnalyzer timing analysis tools and collaborate with leading partners to build security that protects your car from external violation.

Teleoperated Driving

Enabling vehicles to be remotely operated via smart technology. We work with 5G infrastructure providers to facilitate both infrastructure-enabled autonomous driving in dedicated areas, like factory and parking areas, and human teleoperated driving, e.g. to reposition fleet vehicles.

Connected Mobility

Online, integrated, safe and self-updating vehicles

Vehicles are becoming more connected than ever before. We enhance this connectivity through telematics and IoT integration, allowing devices to communicate with each other. By providing support at every stage of implementation, we guide you from design, through development, to integration with existing systems.

Connected Solutions

Enabling mobility service platforms with a sustainable cloud foundation, application development and service migration. This is supported by an end-to-end approach: including edge to cloud, mobile app development, and using a DevOps approach for cloud solutions in agile environments.

Personalized Smart Mobility Services

Extending the mobility experience with smart, AI-powered natural speech services and personal home assistants. We help you deliver a seamless user experience with in-vehicle integration, cloud applications and mobile app development, leveraged by blockchain identity.

Advanced Diagnostics

Raising the quality of the in-car experience for drivers, passengers, and fleet managers to new heights. We create intelligent end-to-end solutions, from engineering to after sales, that enable next-generation diagnostics. Our Remote-Repair, Self-Repair, Remote-Production and Predictive Diagnostics solutions can provide edge computing for data analytics, predict EV/hybrid battery health, and more.

Cyber Security

We enable you to provide connected mobility capabilities within a secure digital ecosystem. We help you overcome modern security challenges through the introduction of advanced security technology. This includes intrusion prevention, meeting industry standards (e.g. AUTOSAR and AUTOSAR Adaptive), cyber security processes, and threat protection strategies, from edge to cloud.

Telematics and Edge Computing

Extend the capabilities of connected vehicles with modern edge computing. With a telematics system infrastructure and cutting-edge IoT technology, we support remote servicing, SOTA, vehicle positioning, emergency services and secure V2X communication.

Agricultural Equipment Digitization

We enable agricultural vehicle manufacturers to build better customer experiences and brand loyalty with help from our digital engineers. We establish predictive maintenance and farm vehicle cyber security solutions to assure top performance in the field, enabling better fleet management and precision agriculture.

Silicon Technology and Partners

Build the best ecosystem for your mobility solutions

As a software company that deeply understands the automotive industry, we advise and engage the most effective technology ecosystem available. We combine holistic technical expertise with a design thinking approach to transform you into a digital organization. Silicon Technology and Partners is our horizontal practice supporting all other practices.

Next-Generation Silicon

Our next-generation engagement models use silicon tech to enhance the customer experience. We connect integrated circuits to tangible benefits, such as faster graphics, smarter AI, and better energy efficiency.

Cross-vertical Software Platforms

These invisible engines drive innovation, bridging silicon into a seamless connected experience. Our automotive software blueprints provide you with a unique canvas for the future of autonomous mobility.

Immersive Mobility Services

Display your brand with every interaction and across all channels. We enable connected customers, empowering you to support the entire customer journey. With Pegasystems, we co-create an open and unified platform for relevant, enjoyable, and contextual customer mobility services.

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