Automation in the automotive industry

Challenges in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is very dynamic and requires extreme flexibility from automotive manufacturers. The growing global competition demands smart production systems, combined with flexible logistics systems. They can be adapted quickly and thus also serve the ever-increasing demand for model diversity. In addition to the installation, a simple operation of the system plays an important role.

Automotive manufacturers increasingly find that they have to expand their core competencies in areas ranging from automotive industry to mobility or even to re-define those areas. They are only able to stand in the competition if they could cope with developments around Industrie 4.0, demographic change and data-driven production.


Solutions for the automotive industry

KUKA offers you the necessary configuration options to meet all the automotive challenges efficiently: through adaptable, modular and automated production and logistics processes, we pave the way to sustainable success in the automotive industry.

Our services and expertises 

KUKA solutions represent a complete line of services. Our automation concepts are created individually for your plant. Through our extensive expertise, we can offer you all process steps. KUKA is the only supplier where you can get production, logistics, and components from a single source:

  • Engineering: Leverage on years of experience to develop efficient production solutions for the automotive industry.
  • Project management: Rely on our know-how. We offer professional advice in a timely manner.
  • Testing and process knowledge: Our 2,500-square-meter TechCenter provides realistic experimental setups that could generate reliable project data. Based on our comprehensive knowledge, we develop the best solution for you.


In order to develop our robot-based automation solutions continuously, we work together with all leading manufacturers. For instance, with the innovative combination of hardware and software, we create a unique productive cooperation between human beings and robots, which is as important as the career stability of workers.

Robots and software

Whether you want to plan new systems or to optimize existing systems, KUKA provides the right software for you. Our services range from extensible system software to prefabricated robot applications, software-based controls and 3D visualization and simulation. By that, we support intelligent robot networking and secure interaction between men and machine. We always provide you with a user-friendly interface and guarantee 100% compatibility. With KUKA software, your robots and systems are always programmed for enhanced productivity.

Our key to success: Assembly & Test

Our Assembly & Test division headquarter in Bremen has supplied countless customers and partners from the automotive industry with assembly systems and test equipment since 1982. On the area of more than 18,000 square meters, we plan, design and manufacture computer-controlled automation equipment for the efficient assembly of serial products such as engines, cylinder heads, axles, brakes and steering systems. Our automotive experts are also always ready to assist you in terms of process planning, customer training or after-sales service.

Innovations and successes for the automotive industry

  • The robots of our KR QUANTEC series are ideal for catering to various requirements of the automotive industry. For example, our portfolio includes the KR QUANTEC nano F exclusive washers, the precise robots of the KR QUANTEC extra family or the powerful industrial robots of the KR QUANTEC ultra family.

Automated car body construction: In our easily convertible production cell, four robots joint the components precisely within a few seconds.

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