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8 best bicycle-friendly tourist destinations for nature lovers -

8 best bicycle-friendly tourist destinations for nature lovers

Santa Monica, California, USA

Admittedly, not many places in Los Angeles are suitable for cycling. Santa Monica is an exception, though, with its beautiful terrain, mild weather and chivalrous locals making it an ideal match for those who travel by bike. After a hot beach trip or a long car ride, try the thrill of a two-wheeled vehicle peeking into the corners of Santa Monica. Cycling in the city is also to actively respond to the green activity Breeze Bike Share for the environment, reducing dust pollution and saving fuel.

8 best bicycle-friendly tourist destinations for nature lovers

Nagoya, Japan

Talking about a vehicle that is used a lot in Japan that everyone knows it is a bicycle. Bicycles are one of the most popular means of transport in this country. According to statistics from BicycleFact, Japan is the country with the third largest number of bicycles in the world after China and the US, with an estimated 57% of Japanese cycling daily and in Tokyo alone, there are 72 people on average. own a bike. With the number of 72 million bicycles in this small country, you can imagine bicycles appearing everywhere in Japan.

8 best bicycle-friendly tourist destinations for nature lovers

There are many reasons that Japan likes to use bicycles, some of which are because big cities do not have room for motorbikes and cycling not only is healthy and economical, but also avoid causing environmental pollution. People especially like to ride a bike in the suburbs.

In the past, bicycles were quite expensive and could only be owned by well-off families. Contrary to the stormy development of technology in Japan, the bicycle culture also develops at the same speed because of the high awareness of people about environmental protection.

The Nagoya city government took inspiration from Copenhagen’s green bike system and built a network of dedicated bike paths that turned the city into a ‘cycling paradise’.

8 best bicycle-friendly tourist destinations for nature lovers

Indeed, Nagoya is seeing a growing number of ‘tsininists’ – i.e. cyclists, thanks to a higher awareness of environmental and health issues.

With its convenient geographic location, located between Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo, Nagoya can be a great starting point for exploring the surrounding cities and beautiful mountains. Nagoya itself is on flat land, so you can easily get around the ancient temples to modern department stores, as well as good restaurants. And if you happen to be in the right cherry blossom season (around April), why not join an interesting cherry blossom viewing bicycle tour.

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