14 E Zoll 250W DOHIKER E Bike Falten Falten Elektrische Fahrrad Bicycle Bike Electric

14 E Zoll 250W DOHIKER E Bike Falten Falten Elektrische Fahrrad Bicycle Bike Electric

Dohiker Folding Electric Bike Collapsible Moped Bicycle With LED Headlight Durable Tire Three Riding Modes

Dohiker Folding Electric Bike Collapsible Moped Bicycle With LED Headlight Durable Tire Three Riding Modes USB Port

Dohiker folding electric bike is a compact and zero-emission personal transportation device which is designed for both teenagers and adults, especially for modern commuters. With three riding modes and five levels of moped mode, you can enjoy riding our bikes at various places. No need to worry about the inconvenience on subway, the body and handlebar can be folding. To adapt to users with different height, our bike’s front and saddle are adjustable. The ultra-long battery life offers you longer riding time and distance, all these parameters are indicated by LED display. Our electric bicycle is made of aluminum alloy, comes with a comfortable saddle, two stab-resistant tires, a LED headlight and a USB charging port. Fashionable and useful, Dohiker electric folding bike, design for you!


1. Ultra-long Lasting Battery: With 270wh high-efficiency power, our electric bike can persevere with moving for 25 to 30 km in pure electric mode and 45 to 60 km in moped mode.

2. Three Riding Modes: This electric bike supports three riding modes: pure manpower mode, moped mode and pure electric mode. When you want to do Aerobic exercise, you can choose moped mode; when you want to increase your energy, you can choose pure manpower mode; when you are tired, you can choose pure electric mode to have a rest.

3. Five levels Of Moped Mode: According to different grounds and your needs, you can adjust levels in moped mode, the higher level you choose, the less effort you take. The 250w brushless motor helps you climb up the gradient up to 25° with ease.

4. Folding Design: Both of the handlebar and body of the bicycle can be folded, for your convenient storage and space saving. Built in a handle and folding pedals for your to take it along easily.

5. Adjustable Front & Saddle: The height of the front and saddle of the bike can be both adjusted. You can adjust the height according to your needs. Our bicycle adapts to different heights of users from 160cm to 190cm.

6. LED Display: Built in a LED display screen, indicates riding mode, speed, battery power and mileage. Know your bike status clearly at glance.

7. LED Headlight: Our bike features with a LED headlight, guarantees that you can see clearly within 2 meters in the dark, you will be safer to ride at night.

8. Stab-resistant Tires: The 14” tires are thick, tough and stab-resistant, suits for various grounds. Furthermore, the cushioning capacity of it provides you with more comfort and pleasant experience.

9. Superior Durable Quality: The electric bike is made of aluminum alloy shell, it can payload up to 120 kilograms. With the long lifespan, you can enjoy it for a long period.

10. Comfortable Saddle: The saddle of the bike meets ergonomic design, you can ride it at ease for a long time riding.

11. Built-in USB Port: What pleases you maybe the USB port below the LED display. You can charge your USB devices at anytime and anywhere even when you riding.

Multiple Manipulation Modes:

1. Pure electric mode: Adjusting the speed among 1 gear and 5 gear, and rotating the handle to start pure electric mode.

2. Moped mode: Adjusting the speed among 1 gear and 5 gear, stepping on the pedal and driving by the electric auxiliary.

3. Manpower mode: Adjusting to 0 gear and driving by manpower.

4. Pushing mode: long press the “-” button to start the pushing mode, squeeze the brake handle or press the “-” button again to release.

5.Cruising mode: Twist the handle to keep the speed you want, while long press the “-” button to start cruise mode, turn the handle or hold the brake to release.

6.Headlight: long press “+” button to open the headlight.


1.Q: Is the battery removable?

A: The battery can be removed, but it is not permitted.

2.Q: How many volts (V) is the battery?

A: The voltage of the battery is 36V.

3.Q: What is the diameter and length of the seat tube?

A: The diameter of the seat tube is 30.4mm, the length is 530mm.

4.Q: How much does the bike weigh?

A: Product weight: 17.1 kg.

5.Q: Does it have a brake light?

A: It does not have a brake light.

6.Q: Does the bicycle have shock absorbers?

A: It does not have a shock absorber.

7.Q: Does this bike only have a reflector in the back, without back lights?

A: Yes, there is no back light.

8.Q: How many gears do the bike have?

A: Dohiker X1 front chain drive 52 gears, rear flywheel 14 gears.

9.Q: Is there pedal assist?

A: Main features: electric, moped(power assist system) and manpower modes, suitable for trip, shopping, exercise, etc.

10.Q: What is the max speed? Is it possible to increase the speed on Dohiker X1?

A: The max speed is 25km / h and cannot increase any more.

11.Q: This is an electric bike, so what if I would like to use it when it’s raining? Is it water resistant? Especially those parts where you switch between the electric mode, and the other side the power display.

A: Dohiker X1 has a waterproof design, it is no problem to use in normal rainy days, but please do not wade in water or rain for a long time.

13.Q: Is the bike water resist?

A: The bike is just resistant for daily water.

14.Q: Is it allowed in Austria?

A: For this item, it is certified completely.

15.Q: Does the bike meet EAPC specifications in the UK?

A: Yes, it does.


Brand: Dohiker

Type: Electric Bicycle

Color: White and black

Wheel size: 14 inch tire

Motor rated power: 250W

Battery: 7.5Ah Li-ion battery

Charging time: 4 – 5 hours

Maximum speed: 25km / h

Maximum load: 120kg

Input voltage: 110 – 240V

Brake: Disc brakes ( Fairer )

Instrument: LCD display ( New Thinking )

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Product weight: 17.1000 kg

Package weight: 21.074 kg

Product size: 130.00 x 50.00 x 91.00 cm / 51.18 x 19.69 x 35.83 inches

Product Folding Size: 79.00 x 39.00 x 60.00 cm / 31.1 x 15.4 x 23.6 inches

Package size: 78.00 x 41.50 x 60.00 cm / 30.71 x 16.34 x 23.62 inches

Package Contents:

1 x Electric Bicycle

1 x User Manual

1 x Charger

1 x Adapter

1 x Pack of Fittings

14 E Zoll 250W DOHIKER E Bike Falten Falten Elektrische Fahrrad Bicycle Bike Electric

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