10 Best Indian Motorcycles Currently On Sale

10 Best Indian Motorcycles Currently On Sale

Indian Motorcycle Company has really only existed as we know it since 2011 when the

Indian Motorcycle Company has really only existed as we know it since 2011 when the rights were acquired by Polaris. However, it has roots stretching back to 1897, when it was known as Hendee Manufacturing Company until it rebranded in 1927. As is the case with many companies, races served as a proving ground and major driver of innovation in design and engineering. Indian is no exception. In 1903, co-founder Oscar Hedstrom achieved a world record in motorcycle speed by reaching 56 MPH. 34 years later, Ed Kretz won the first Daytona 200 on an Indian Sport Scout. The 1950s and following five decades were rather unstable for Indian until its acquisition by Polaris. In the 21st century, Indian is producing 21st-century bikes with a vintage feel. Indian strives to be a productive and innovative brand that pushes the boundaries of engineering and attacks the stagnancy of the domestic cruiser field. Whether racing, commuting, or touring, Indian has a bike for anyone looking for a solid American motorcycle.


10/10 2023 Indian FTR – $13,499

10 Best Indian Motorcycles Currently On Sale

Side view of the 2023 FTR

The innovative Indian American Flat Track Racer(FTR) combines naked street bike aesthetics and performance with the American spirit. The FTR produces a stunning 120 horsepower out of its 1203cc V-twin liquid-cooled engine. Restricted, it reaches a top speed of 124 MPH but unrestricted manages 147 MPH. Bet your Sportster can’t do that. The front and rear suspension are ZF Sachs fully adjustable shocks, and also includes LED lighting, ABS, and cruise control as standard equipment. The FTR has four-piston Brembo brakes up front and two-piston Brembo brakes in the rear. This thing truly is built to race.

9/10 2023 Indian Scout Sixty – $11,749

2022 Indian Scout Sixty

Close side shot of an Indian Scout Sixty.

From headlight to tail light, the 2023 Indian Scout Sixty takes inspiration from its predecessor of a century ago, while incorporating new modern design elements, such as a 999cc engine that produces 78 horsepower, digital gauges, and a belt drive rather than a chain. The single-rider seat is designed for comfort while also offering a very clean classic look. And although Indian offers a bobber model, you just might consider bobbing it yourself if you’re handy with an angle grinder and don’t mind getting your hands dirty.

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8/10 2023 Indian Scout Rogue – $12,749

black and blue 2023 Indian Scout Rogues

Side shot of two 2023 Indian Scout Rogues riding on the street.

Not to be confused with the Sixty model, this slightly larger 1133cc engine churns out 100 horsepower, which is 22 more than its 60 cubic inch counterpart. Bar end mirrors can be a little awkward to look at, especially oriented downward, not to mention that they aren’t very forgiving in a tumble in the parking lot; but they’re definitely stylish. The 2023 Indian Scout Rogue sports a very low-key fairing, as well as a bobbed fender. The transmission on this model is a six-speed, which makes it a very smooth cruise on the open road.

7/10 2023 Indian Chief Dark Horse – $17,499

green 2023 Indian Chief Dark Horse

Side profile shot of a 2023 Indian Chief Dark Horse

The key differences between the standard Indian Chief against the Chief Dark Horse model are the latter’s larger and more powerful 116 Thunderstroke engine and extra tech. This includes cruise control, a four-inch touchscreen unified gauge that can display everything from speed to directions and live weather updates. This model also offers Bluetooth connectivity to facilitate those functions, which also means you can answer/decline calls and manage your music. The cast front wheel and ABS offer both style and performance for the Chief Dark Horse.

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6/10 2023 Indian Super Chief – $18,999

Black 2023 Indian Super Chief

A black 2023 Indian Super Chief parked with mountains in the background.

Indian offers a bagger package for its Indian Chief model, naming it the Super Chief. This sports a 111 cubic inch engine, which puts out great power for the highway. The 9.7 gallons of space in the bags, forward-oriented floorboards and a tall quick-release windshield make this a versatile and comfortable bike on their own; while ABS, cruise control, keyless ignition, and LED lights are icing on the cake. With a 90-inch length from tire to tire, this bike feels as big as its spirit.

5/10 2023 Indian Springfield – $22,499

Blue 2023 Indian Springfield

Side view of a man standing beside the 2023 Indian Springfield

The 2023 Indian Springfield isn’t just a bolt-on bagger package of another model, but a purpose-built machine for the open road. Featuring a cast aluminum frame and a low seat, the Springfield is immediately comfortable and maneuverable for its size. The air-cooled 111 cubic-inch Thunderstroke engine puts out 119 pound-feet of torque. Plus, the USB charging port, cruise control, detachable windshield, and remote locking hard saddlebags offer an extra factor of convenience. The frame is also compatible with a trunk if extra space is needed.

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4/10 2023 Indian Chieftain – $22,499

black 2023 Indian Chieftain

Side view of a rider standing beside a parked 2023 Indian Chieftain.

This bold beast is propelled by the same 111 cubic-inch Thunderstroke engine as the Springfield, but that’s where the similarities end. The 2023 Indian Chieftain features a wide fork-mounted fairing and high-output 100-watt speakers with a dynamic equalizer that adapts to noise conditions, as well as over 18 gallons of storage space in the locking bags. The gauges are mounted within the fairing, which are displayed with a seven-inch touchscreen powered by their RIDECOMMAND system. The display facilitates a plethora of features: Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, music management, as well as vehicle status, trip meters, and ride stats for those of you who like to keep an eye on the finer details.

3/10 2023 Indian Challenger – $24,499

black 2023 Indian Challenger

2023 Indian Challenger side view, parked by a building.

Bristling with features, this 2023 Indian Challenger does just that: challenge the competition. A slipper clutch makes the pull easy and comfortable to tame the 122 horsepower produced by the 108 cubic-inch liquid-cooled PowerPlus engine. The massive fairing is mounted to the frame for maximum stability while carrying over the seven-inch touchscreen, and all the features that display offers from music to navigation and ride analytics. The rear cylinder deactivates while stopped to decrease heat and fires back up when traffic gets moving, which is super convenient when you get stuck in traffic and can’t squeeze through. The Dark Horse model adds six-axis sensors that modulate safety features, dynamic traction control, and other ride-enhancing tech.

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2/10 2023 Indian Roadmaster – $30,499

black 2023 Indian Roadmaster

Side view of a couple riding the 2023 Indian Roadmaster by a moutainside.

What more could you want on a road trip machine made for two? The 2023 Indian Roadmaster is absolutely packed with convenience, comfort, and performance in mind. The ultra-wide frame-mounted fairing features a powered windshield, letting you choose how much wind to feel. Again paired with 100-watt speakers, a seven-inch display, and USB charging port, you can cruise in comfort to the beat. If the weather takes a turn toward colder temps, fear not: the Roadmaster has heated seats and grips. And after hours in the saddle, you and your passenger will be grateful for the spacious seat and backrest. Behind the backrest is a very roomy trunk that offers an impressive 36 gallons of storage space alongside the locking saddlebags.

1/10 2023 Indian Pursuit Dark Horse – $30,999

Black 2023 Indian Pursuit Dark Horse

Angled side rear view of the 2023 Indian Pursuit Dark Horse parked outside a hotel.

The Indian Pursuit Dark Horses is not just one of the top touring models, but one of the top touring cruisers, period. This 2023 Indian Pursuit Dark Horse offers the fairing, the speakers, the display, the heated seats, and storage space, but pushes further by adding Indian’s Smart Lean Technology: six-axis sensors, otherwise known as the Bosch Inertial measurement unit, to modulate safety features including dynamic traction control, ABS, and other ride enhancing tech. The 122-horsepower liquid-cooled PowerPlus engine breathes out through split dual exhaust pipes, creating a clean and symmetrical look.